Modern Face of Beauty Series 1

Modern Face of Beauty – Episode 1

Stephen Handisides revives ancient explorer Ponce de León's quest for the fountain of youth with new TV show 'The Modern face of Beauty' The first episode looks at the harmful effects the big city can have on our skin. What Californian women do to stay looking beautiful. Fitness training with celebrity NYC personal trainer 'Trooper Prince'. What is CoolSclupting (freezing fat) and more.

Myth Buster - Breast Buster - When breast implants rupture, will the silicon leak into my body?

Modern Face of Beauty – Episode 2

In search of the Modern Male, the program goes back in time to see the extremes men went to prove their manhood. We travel to Australia to reveal the modern treatments men are having to stay feeling youthful. The show travels to Bangkok city and the island of Phuket to look at their cultures fascination of beauty and how it plays a major role in defining their culture.

Myth Buster - Sweat Buster - Does Botox stop us sweating completely when injected under arms?

Modern Face of Beauty – Episode 3

This episode looks at ancient and unconventional beauty treatments that aren't available at your local beautician, such as snail slime, bird faeces and snake venom. We travel to Hong Kong and meet a doctor who practices anti-ageing from the inside out, starting with analysing how our bodies work on a molecular level.

Myth Buster - Butt Buster – Made famous by the Kardashian's, we find out the truth about butt implants! Our roving reporter takes some butt implants for a test drive on the streets of Hong Kong with hilarious consequences.

Modern Face of Beauty – Episode 4

Cleopatra bathed in milk and she just might have been on to something. This episode is set in LA looking at fresh and natural beauty products, treatments and ingredients easily found at home, such as milk. We head to Hollywood in search of the celebrity lifestyle and the secrets to eternal youth. We take you back stage to find out the secrets to their time-less-ness from a famous Beverly Hills surgeon. We interview celebrity hair stylist Vito Esposito at his Beverly Hills Salon and get some tips and trick for red carpet ready hair.

Modern Face of Beauty – Episode 5

The show heads north to Canada where we dive straight into exploring how an active lifestyle can not only make us look younger from the outside but feel amazing on the inside. We experience an anti-aging dinner organised by Doctor Lauren Bramley, visit the coldest vodka bar in the world and go head to head with some of the locals. We also look in depth at breast implants and all the questions women want to ask.

Modern Face of Beauty – Episode 6

This episode is filmed in Australia and New Zealand and looks at the unconventional beauty treatment using sheep’s placenta. The stem cells derived from sheep placenta are also used for their age-preventing properties, as they promote collagen production and skin elasticity. We also interview Dr Anh in WA on women’s empowerment. We travel to NZ on a quest to find mineral packed clay mud and look at volcanic ash facial masques.