GVAS welcomes you to the first continuous, 48-hour Global Aesthetics event, which incorporates both clinical and business programs featuring some of the world’s leading speakers. There will be country or region specific exhibit halls where you can learn about some of the latest technologies from around the world, not normally accessible at a physical conference.

There is something for everyone at GVAS, and we invite all levels of aesthetic health care providers, including their office managers and administrative staff to attend this amazing program.

Just like a traditional conference, speakers will engage with their audiences on a variety of subjects and case studies. Pre-recorded sessions and demonstrations will provide speakers with the rare opportunity to give live feedback to audiences globally, all from the comfort of your home, office, or local studio.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to join your peers in the future of aesthetic conferencing and education.

Why participate in GVAS?

  • Get affordable access to state of the art Talks and Workshops, both clinical and business.
  • Save on all travel expenses.
  • Get unprecedented access to speakers from all over the world.
  • Attend the conference from anywhere with internet access.
  • Invite your entire staff to attend for a fraction of the usual cost.
  • Easily search and compare all suppliers, devices and products, without having to roam an exhibition floor.
  • Chat face to face with exhibitors from all over the world in real time.
  • Access all content for up to 30 days post conference.

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