What a unique conference! Being able to communicate and learn from experts all across the world. I loved the convenience of being able to attend from the comfort of my home and being able to ask questions and pick the master injectors’ brains after each session. Being able to have access for 30 days after the conference is greatly appreciated as you can choose different tracks but the wealth of information is so large that it is impossible to view everything in 2 days. Overall, it was one of the best conferences I ever attended. Thank you GVAS.

Annette Asper

The order of the presentation was well chosen. Starting with basic analysis than learning the basic techniques and advancing to delicate regions before learning extraordinary aspects and non common, but well thought and performed procedures. The camera setting was perfect and the quality of the videos was high-quality, I could learn from the procedures with a better vision to the field than many courses and hospitation I had absolved beforehand. It was a very well organized course and lightened each topic from different sides by showing the solutions for each region by different physicians.

Prof. Dr. Omid Majdani

GVAS is one of the best conferences I have attended ! To qualify that statement, colleagues do say I am a conference afficionado. The quality of the program and knowledge of the speakers was outstanding and unique, as were the actual treatment demonstrations by the Masters. It was so interesting to see how other KOL’s achieve their artistry!

Dr. Anna Petropoulos

Congratulations Kate Goldie for all the hard work and many many hours you put in to get it there

Dr Niah Corduff

Thanks to the GVAS Team!!! You have brought Aesthetic Medical Education to a whole new level! Excellent scientific program, excellent presentaters, excellent organization. Thank you!

Dr Fernando Luna

What an amazing experience to be a faculty member of the very first Global Virtual Aesthetic Conference #GVAS . Also incredibly honored to be the only #nurse presenting this weekend amongst a sea of incredibly gifted professionals. If you were hesitant to register this year you must mark your calendar for next year’s event. I learned so much the past two days from international experts including a session on complications that was better than any other I’ve been to to date. Thank you @myfacemybody @shandisides for having the gumption and entrepreneurship to organize the very first virtual conference. My staff also enjoyed the various sessions as we set aside the entire day for a viewing party

Leslie Fletcher

Congratulations!! Thank you for involving me in GVAS!!

Dr Ting Song

Your idea is such a mastermind and the follow through and execution has been seamless and smooth ! The level of training offered has been superior and it has been so much fun interacting with the exhibitors in a virtual platform without having to walk miles and miles of hallways to see another exhibit; so easy to visit with an exhibitor just at the click of a button ! I have hardly left the GVAS platform and have enjoyed entering the conference on the 3 different time zones over the last day and a half to maximize attendance ! Quite a magnetic conference, I must say ! Thank you Stephen of your brilliant idea of GVAS !

Dr Anna Petropoulos 

It was an awesome chance to follow the GVAS 2019 virtual conference, which was so cool and interesting. GVAS 2019 enhanced my knowledge about aesthetic. It opened my sight about various techniques especially about filler, for make patients get the perfection of beauty such as how to identify patient’s face problem, how to do the injection technique, how many volumes should be injected, where the perfect injection area to correct the shape of the face and make it more beautiful.

Elizabeth Kosasih

This is such a Good Conference.I can even join the conference while lying on my bed The topic was great, well presented!
the speaker show us how to do filler with various technique, completely, from the beginning to the end procedure.
Also we learn about how to avoid filler complications, and then how to manage early if complications occur. But due to signal constraints, I was unable to participate in several sessions.

Dr. Ifen Ayu Malinda

My Clinic team & I, 13 doctors & 3 Directors got a lot update of knowledge from this tremendous conference. The best & very fruitful Virtual conference ever. We will be very glad to join again in next GVAS.

Nanang Masrani, MD

Thank you for the opportunity that was given to me. It was an awesome chance to follow the GVAS 2019 virtual conference, which was so cool and interesting. GVAS 2019 enhanced my knowledge about aesthetic. It opened my sight about various techniques especially about filler, for make patients get the perfection of beauty such as how to identify patient\’s face problem, how to do the injection technique, how many volumes should be injected, where the perfect injection area to correct the shape of the face and make it more beautiful.

Dr. Caryr Nurina Sari

GVAS 2019 is my very first virtual conference. Good speakers and good topics. What an amazing conference. I learned a lot about the latest aesthetic science at this conference. Enhanced my knowledge about filler especially as it showed many various filler injection techniques. Also we learn about how to avoid filler complications, and then how to manage early if complications occur. How to analyzed face, guided my aesthetic eyes and opened my insight about global aesthetic.


GVAS was wonderfully organised and presented. It feels great to be able to participate in such a high quality aesthetic meeting sitting in the comfort of our home without the need for travel. Equally wonderful is a further month long access to the contents of the meet. I really do forward to the GVAS 2020 summit.


MyFaceMyBody has doen it again! So proud to be a presenter as well as on the faculty of the inagural Global Virtual Aesthetic Summit. A two day extravaganza packed program of global experts discussing the latest trends in aesthetic and state of the art anti aging solutions and techniques. All with live workshops and a whole segment dedicated to setting up and becoming a successful business. Easily negaotiated segments with question time, all from your office desk, lounge chair or whilst in transit, so long as you had internet access. No problems if you have missed any, as can easily be replayed. To add to the experience. the graphics make you feel you are truly part of an international gathering. An amazing experience not to be missed!

Dr Nicole Yap FRACS MBBS (melb)

I wanted to let you know how much the team enjoyed GVAS. It had some great talks with something for everyone. The live demonstrations were great for the nurses and the reception staff as many of them had not had the chance to see some of the procedures, like threads, being done. It’s great that we can access the content for the 30 days as not all staff were able to access all presentations on the day due to appointments etc. Congratulations on a great event.

Mhairi Finlayson, Marketing Manager

Excellent conference, 30 day access is invaluable for really learning from masterclasses. Would highly recommend and for its first year there was little to no technical difficulties. I imagine every year will be bigger and better and I will be definitely be there!

Dr Louise Smyth

I would like to thank you very much for organising GVAS 2019, it was really amazing event, you just brought between our hands all this experience and techniques, I really appreciate it. As recommendation, I recommend you to present more than one case, patterns and technique of botox and lips enhacment as this procedures are number one procedures in many countries. Once again, many thanks for the post event opportunity to watch the great workshops!

Dr. Marwan Nazzal

“We all know that one size does not fit all and it is refreshing to see that the GVAS speakers focused more on treatment-based lectures rather than corporate sponsored lectures delivering multiple approaches to the topics of discussion. I found GVAS to be so educating and enlightening that I listed to lectures that didn’t even involve my specific area of interest just to broaden my sense of awareness and understanding. Bravo to the GVAS team! It’s amazing what you have created and accomplished. You have revolutionized conferences as we know it!”

Paula Di Marco Young, BS, RN, CLO/A – Young Medical Spa®

An outstanding event considering it is the first time ever for a virtual conference and teaching podium. Looking forward to the next one. Keep it up


GVAS 2019 allows you to access up to date aesthetic, clinical and product information right from your location. Presentations were applicable and relevant to current practice delivered by top physician faculty! Excellent and useful content.

Laura Abrignani

GVAS promised a lot & delivered much more – what a game changer in making scientific education available in such a user friendly manner – Kudos to Stephen Handisides and the GVAS team for a brilliant conference.

Mrs Sabrina Shah-Desai

I really enjoyed the GVAS conference all from home, thank you for making this possible!

Omaima El Tahir

This was such an amazing conference. Great content! Will definitely do this again next year!

Hanieh Khorshidi NP-BC

Congratulations on your innnovative conference . I have been seeing your name in many different places. I sense this is the future. Tremendous effort went into it but you now have your proof of concept.

Dr Robert Kessler

Great speakers, great topics. It was an amazing conference. I’ve never attend conference like this before, this is my first virtual conference. Due to unstable signal, I couldn’t follow all the topic as well. But it enhance my knowladge, my insight about the latest aesthetic science.


Great conference and very easy to fit into a busy schedule since you can attend from anywhere!

Tracey Lizsa Mancuso

The new world of international congress

Shaktie Lalé

Learned new techniques from injectors around the world!

Dr Jordan Atkinson

GVAS 2019 was the best event I have ever attended. I highly recommend it to my other colleagues.

Dr. Sharmeen Shaikh

I can highly recommend GVAS high-quality learning delivered to the comfort of my home. There is still the opportunity to network, chat with reps etc.

Teri Johnson

Great new way of learning! Less time consuming than real life symposia, but definitely the same quality, or maybe even beter! Thank you so much!

Drs. Muriëlle Delmy Ginada van Engelen – Kegel

Thank you for a wonderful event and many congratulations on a summit perfectly organized. On to the next one!!!

Per Jerry Zecha, MD DDS

Excellent summit very useful training. I will definitely attend again

Fiona MacRae

A great platform to watch and learn from the comfort of your own home! It’s great to be able to look back over lectures you have seen and those you may have missed. Looking forward to GVAS 2020!

Dr Rajan Sharma

Excellent conference – learned a tremendous amount and the speakers were phenomenal!

Omnia Samra-Latif Estafan MD

Attending the GVAS Summit has allowed the opportunity to join a greater scope of therapists specialising in all fields of the Industry- detailed information that enables you to strive for superior results for your clients.

Darlie Stuart

What a smart way to bring the industry together right across the world. Looking forward to seeing GVAS even bigger in 2020!

Dr Nicholas Moncrieff

I would definitely attend the next congress ! Would also love to present and share some knowledge. Great that I can still keep updated even though I just had a baby.

Dr Anjana Bhana

Great online virtual conference which was easy to attend from anywhere at anytime

Dr Agata Ogonowski Bizos

Very informative. Great speakers!

Merel Laboyrie

Great congress! Loved it! Next year I will attend for sure!

Drs. Whitney Koeiman

Thank you very much for this virtual experience.

Gitta Overdevest MD

Great conference with high level presentations, being able to revisit and see ALL of them from within your own home when enough points are obtained is simply genius! Thank you so much and see you next time.

Drs. Charlotte Franke

This conference featured experts from around the globe. It was great to learn from numerous experts from the comfort of my armchair. It was also excellent value. I am looking forward to an even bigger event next year.

Dr Rekha Tailor

Great conference. Thank you!. Makes it so much easier to attend!

Kathleen Anne McCabe

It was excellent for me. I learned from relevant aesthetic trainers

Lidia Wong

GVAS 2019 is my first virtual conference. the speakers were great. the topics broaden knowledge on aesthetics, especially filler, threadlift and how to combine both technique. it sharpen my compentence to making perfect beauty from many aspects.

A. Trie Utami Rasyid

That was great event, with great speakers. Hope to attend this conference next year

Nadia Zulfadhila, MD

GVAS 2019 was a great conference! Very Nice to finally visit a conference ‘online’. Nice speakers, intresting subjects.

Nicoline Nijman

Great initiative. the future is here!

Aarent Brand

Great congress!! Good organized. Good speakers. Can\’t wait for next year! Loved it!

Whitney Koeiman

I actually found the points easy to achieve and I learned additional info from the exhibitors. I want to stay up all night to look at all the presentations lol, but I have to do surgery tomorrow and then clinic. I will enjoy continuing to learn from a fantastic summit. Well done!

Dr. M

Thanks so much GVAS for this new way of presenting the latest techniques online from all over the world!


This conference was amazing! Very educational and informative – from facial analysis down to injection techniques for different areas of the face, all the way to how to improve business practices. I would highly recommend!

Brittany Hogan

Some truly excellent teaching sessions especially those covered by the Masters

Dr Osigbeme Awudu

Fantastic ground breaking idea with really advanced informative speakers

Paula Mann

GVAS 2019 was the best event I ever attend. I highly recommend it to my other colleagues.


The GVAS definitely one of a kind and the way of the future for Medical conferences and expanding worldwide education!

Azza Halim, MD

I loved having access to so many experts and especially being able to go back and view presentations when I wanted was so helpful.

Stacey Burmeister

Strongly recommended


This learning experience was an outstanding opportunity to benefit from worldwide masters in their fields. The sessions were well done and practical.

Deborah Manjoney

GVAS 2019 was a great start for a great conference. Great accessible education that is much needed.

laila Elkeeb

Great new forum for learning. Good access to international experience and opinions. Always something new to learn…

David Syed

Great conference! Highly recommend to all colleagues

Erin Talbot


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