Why attend GVAS?

GVAS welcomes you and your team to the GVAS 2021 Relaunch Program on March 13 & 14, 2021. GVAS is an innovative and pioneering virtual conference, incorporating both clinical and business programs presented by some of the world’s most leading industry speakers in a virtual space.

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GVAS offers aesthetic professionals from all over the world a tailored experience to education in the comfort of their own home or workspace. Attendees for the first time will receive a personalized itinerary of educational workshops that are suited to their own experience level, qualification and interests. This enables attendees to save time and money in attending a conference and at the same time have a focused learning experience. Not only this, but owners of aesthetic businesses can also afford to invite their entire team to experience, learn and develop their skills.​

GVAS 2021 Relaunch Program

A virtual experience like no other.

The conference program has been designed to cover content from the fundamentals right up to advanced techniques and groundbreaking innovations. Professionals can achieve medical credits and be rewarded when attending workshops over the two days of the summit. There is approximately 70 CPD credits that can be earned and up to 14 CME for those that have a medical license in the United States.

This continuous, 48-hour Global Aesthetics event, will feature some of the world’s most prominent industry experts. The event will host over 100 leading speakers across a multi speciality program with a business program showcasing successful practice owners from around the world.


There are four clinical programs and one business track in English and smaller programs in Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish. GVAS has invited some of the best doctors in the world in a ‘Hands on with the Masters’ track specifically aimed at those wanting to advance their skills with injectables.  Other Clinical Tracks include topics such as, ‘Skin Enhancement Techniques, ‘New and Emerging Technology, Tattoo and Pigment,’ ‘Face-Lifting’, ‘Minimally Invasive Rejuvenation’, ‘Fat Transfer and Stem Cells’ and more.

The Business Program Schedule will cover those that are setting up in aesthetics and those looking to expand and/or sell a practice. Topics include ‘Global Trends in Social Media’, ‘How to Develop and Conduct the Ultimate Consultation and Customer Experience’, ‘How to Deliver an Impactful Client Event’, and much much more.

Just like a traditional conference, speakers will engage with you on a variety of subjects and case studies.

World-class speakers will have the rare opportunity to give live feedback to delegates globally, all from the comfort of their home, office, or a local studio.

When entering the ‘virtual lobby’ as an attendee at GVAS, you will be given the opportunity to engage with local suppliers in their own country in specific regional exhibition halls.  Attendees will gain insight into some of the latest technologies and industry advancements from around the world.  Attendees will achieve ‘virtual GVAS points’ the more they engage with brands in exciting gamification throughout the two days with numerous prizes up for grabs.

Companies are utilizing the cost benefits of GVAS to offer attendees ‘show offers’ they would not normally receive anywhere else.  Designated exhibition halls will represent the USA, U.K., Europe, Asia, Australasia, and Brazil.


GVAS has designed its virtual environment to be educational, fun and an experience you will never forget. As an attendee at GVAS you will be rewarded with points when you engage with brands and suppliers at their Virtual booths in the exhibition halls and when you watch company-sponsored talks.

Use your points to enter and win various prizes donated by our major sponsors. Additionally, if you earn over 2,000 points you will gain 30 days unlimited access to all of the workshops (per your ticket type) following the event.

This exciting aesthetic summit focuses on innovation and ground breaking techniques and technologies presented on by world class speakers and brands over two days.

GVAS has scheduled 48 hours of continuous workshop content to cater for those individuals living and working in different time zones. Although it’s enticing to have access to all of this great content, GVAS has designed its programs so you can focus on the content that matters to you. It is now achievable for you and your team to listen to international speakers in your local market whilst saving you time and money.

GVAS offers aesthetic professionals from all over the world a tailored experience to education in the comfort of their own home or work space. When you register, you will be recommended a personalized itinerary of educational workshops that are suited to your own qualification, experience level and interests.

GVAS has therefore designed sessions to cover the fundamentals for those that are new to aesthetics, intermediate and advanced workshops for those professional seeking revolutionary techniques, technologies and insights from all over the world.

The clinical sessions will include topics such as skin enhancement techniques, ‘new and emerging technology, Tattoo and Pigment,’ ‘Face-lifting,’ ‘Minimally invasive rejuvenation, ‘fat transfer and stem cells and much more’.

The business sessions will cover those who are setting up an aesthetic business giving tips and tactics to getting your business up and running quickly and efficiently. There are many challenges and frustrations as you expand your business and the steps you need to take to sell it successfully. Global experts will offer solutions and advice that you will be able to relate and implement immediately to your own business. Case studies will be presented by business owners and practice managers giving a step by step guide to their success.

Many practitioners that attend international summits have regretted their team not having the experience and opportunity to learn from world class experts. GVAS has now made it cost effective for practitioners to invite their employees to a team learning experience that can be completed in convenient working hours or from the comfort of their own home.

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