Why Exhibit at GVAS?

Engage with your local customers

The team at GVAS have traveled all around the world to bring a global conference to your local market.  The exhibition halls at GVAS are broken down into countries and regions so you can save time by meeting a targeted group of delegates that live and work in your local market.

Network with Influencers and decision makers

GVAS designed its workshops to not only attract the main providers and owners of a clinic or spa but the employees that are carrying out the procedures and offering your products to their clients.  I am sure you are frustrated after speaking to the decision makers at a conference who are unable to make a commitment because they need to communicate with their employees who carry out the treatments. “The Influencers!”

The virtual environment will enable you to speak to both the decision makers and influencers at the same time in a cost and time efficient way speeding up the decision making process.

Measure and Track your Prospects

We will track any attendees that visit your virtual booth whether you are online or offline.

This enables your customers to finish late from work, cook their dinner and put the kids to bed and still have time to take advantage of the promotions you have during GVAS!

We measure all levels of engagement at your virtual booth that each attendee has with your brand i.e brochure & video downloads, text, audio and videos conversations.

You will not only receive their contact details but how and what products or services they are interested in on from their engagement for better targeting after the summit.

How will we promote attendees to visit your Virtual Booth?

When an attendee registers for GVAS we will identify who they are, level of experience, qualification and their interests.  Based on the topics of interest GVAS will recommend products and brands that they should visit during their experience at GVAS.

There are many cost savings for your business at GVAS, avoiding all of the travel and setup costs for you and your team.  Our exhibitors are offering impressive show offers that they would not normally offer at physical conference.  GVAS will be promoting these offers months leading up to GVAS to entice prospect customers to your virtual booth.

How does the GVAS Gamification help us attract new prospects?

Attendees earn points when they interact within the GVAS environment.  The more they engage with you at your booth, watch content, download and fill out surveys these points will be added to our MyFaceMyBody ‘LIVE’ leaders board were attendees can win prizes during the event.

If you are running a promotion at your booth, attendees will get double points for engaging with you.

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