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The Core of MyFaceMyBody

MyFaceMyBody, which is now one of the largest independent resources for consumers internationally, giving them access to more than 13,000 pages of treatment education and over 2,000 videos. The “Q&A” interactive format enables industry experts to help consumers and lead them on a successful journey to looking and feeling better.

The MyFaceMyBody TV Series. The founder and host of MyFaceMyBody, Stephen Handisides, travels around the world searching for how consumers define beauty with exclusive industry expert interviews and aesthetic brands who are achieving amazing patient transformations, new and innovative techniques and procedures. The format is innovative, sexy and cool as Stephen brings his modern style of presenting to the beauty, dental and aesthetics industry worldwide.

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The MyFaceMyBody Newsletter is a digital monthly guide for our consumers, featuring the best industry experts from the health, beauty and aesthetics industry, top rated brands and product reviews, ‘How To’ tutorials on health and fitness, and much more. This monthly guide is sleek, sophisticated and a product consumers will want to return to time and time again for all their health and beauty needs.

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