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Customer Testimonials

We just began using the MBA services this past year and can already see improvements in our practice. The secret shoppers and audits not only helped us fine tune what we could be doing better, but they also provided a metric to reward and praise our employees for their excellence in service. Additionally, the audits are a very valuable tool for busy doctors to easily and quickly assess the staff’s performance and objectively make improvements to the practice. Even for an established, successful practice, we learned there is always room for improvement. The MBA program gave us the tools and education for better reaching and maintaining patient connection.

Tracy Panzarella

Practice Coordinator
Anton MD Aesthetics

“We have found the My Face My Body membership to be highly valuable right from the outset. The extensive audit reports we have received effectively highlighted our strengths, while specifically identifying our weaknesses from an unbiased, yet experienced point of view. This valuable report has given better direction to our training, and helped us to better understand what clients pay attention to. The supporting education modules provide solid techniques for all staff and roles, importantly helping to ensure that every staff member is providing high quality, consistent service. As a diamond member regular communication with our mentor has given us the opportunity to flesh out ideas, problem-solve, and hone in on actionable tasks that have continued to improve the efficacy of the business – from marketing to customer service, planning, HR and beyond. Continuous, guided improvement in all aspects of the business certainly equates to higher quality service and standards, better reputation, increased business and growth. A win for business owners, staff and clients alike.”

Daniel Calabro

Practice Owner
Gippsland Cosmetic

“I’ve taken the e-learning modules and have found it to be very educational. What I’ve learned a lot and what has really stood out to me was the Customer Service modules, like when to answer the phones, how to properly greet patients when they walk in and how to be professional. I feel very confident now in my role here. Overall, I learned a lot of things on how to improve the business and to motivate our entire team to work hard and work together as a team to be more successful.”

Li Li

Dr. Anh Plastic Surgeon.Medispa.Wellness

“As we set up our new clinic in Whistler and expand our existing Hong Kong clinic, gathering this type of information for our practices has been a challenge. That’s why we decided to collaborate with Stephen and his crew.

As the COO, the information provided by the audit is invaluable. In my 15+ years of experience developing high functioning teams, I have found that it’s the little things that make the biggest difference and Stephen’s program enables us to quickly and easily identify areas of improvement. The all encompassing audit report enables me to work with and coach both the practice managers and front end teams towards immediate and significant improvements in our client’s experience when they come into our practice.

In combination, the e-learning modules show and reinforce simple ways to improve on these areas as well.
All staff can participate in e-learning; be tested and evaluated on them which is another great source of information to have at our fingertips. We look forward to seeing more ways on how we can leverage the MBA program to streamline our practice and ultimately improve our bottom line.”

Paula Latorre

Chief Operating Officer
Dr Lauren Bramley & Partners

“Being part of the Medical Business Academy has allowed us to increase our revenues by 20%. After having an audit done on our practices we were able to identify areas where we were losing money and most importantly areas of growth in the business. The e-learning for my staff has been invaluable as I was able to measure their success at the end with the tests the MBA provides. I also attended one of the workshops and enjoyed the marketing e-learning to find better ways to market our practice and put processes in place that allows me to spend more time on the business rather than in it. A very easy investment for us.”

Dr. Kiran Roy Singh-Kandola

Practice Owner
Skinhance Cosmetic Clinic

“Doing this training [customer service e-learning] has allowed us to really lift our game in Customer Service and with our new clinic location being at a 5 star location it’s absolutely integral for us to provide that level of quality and really go that extra mile for our patients.”

Lily  Phan

Business Development Manager
Dr. Anh Plastic Surgeon.Medispa.Wellness

“We are excited to be working with you on the Medical Business Academy and Awards this year.

The MyFaceMyBody awards have proven to be an invaluable and trusted resource for our large plastic surgery practice, helping us to identify some of the most innovative treatments and products on the market. With so many new ones emerging every year, it can be challenging to determine which merit consideration to be offered to our more than 20,000 patients. Using the MyFaceMyBody Awards winners list, we researched those considered the best in their category and ultimately purchased several for our practice.

Specifically, we added Cellfina, winner of the “Best Body Reshaping Procedure,” Alastin Skin Nectar, winner of the “Most Innovative Product;” and Halo by Sciton, winner of the “Best Anti Aging Treatment.” These products and treatments quickly became customer and staff favorites. I am hoping that these suppliers will have their e-learning on your universal training platform soon, which sounds amazing.

Thank you again”

Sherri Roberts

Communications Director
The Aesthetic Center for  Plastic Surgery

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