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Suppliers, Manufacturers & Distributors

The Medical Business Academy has developed a comprehensive e-learning platform specifically for the needs of suppliers, manufacturers and distributors within the medical aesthetics, dental, beauty and spa sectors.

We recognized a gap in these sectors to offer a reliable online platform that would enable clients to increase the frequency and consistency of good quality product training they offer to their customers. Through data we have collected from mystery shopping audits conducted on practices globally, we discovered there was only an 8% product knowledge level within these types of businesses.

What does this mean?

  • Do you have a quality training program with supporting materials?
  • Is it delivered in an effective and memorable way?
  • Is it presented frequently enough?
  • Can you monitor and measure who takes your training?
  • Do you have a reward system or loyalty program that relates to your training?
  • Do you have e-learning to accompany physical training days to encourage ongoing learning?

If you are working for a supplier or distributor you will know how important it is to continuously educate your clients and their employees on the science and benefits of your products.

  1. Have you and your trainers spent countless hours traveling and training employees to find out the next month they are no longer working there?
  2. How do you find the time to revisit and retrain your client’s employees when you need to train others in a different part of the country?
  3. How do you or the business owner monitor if the employees have taken the time to revisit your training in their own time?
  4. How do you motivate employees to dedicate more of their time to your products over others?

The Medical Business Academy platform was designed to help your clients to better educate, measure and reward their customers and employees for their ongoing training and support. Our clients that have been using the tools within the platform have not only increased their revenues substantially, but have better visibility of how their e-learning can improve their customers sales performance.

What does our platform offer?

  1. Your customers and their staff can now have access to your product training 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  2. New customers employees can instantly educate themselves on your products without waiting for a company training representative.
  3. Manage your own training: add and edit up to 20GB of training. If more than 20GB is needed, an additional fee will apply.
  4. Manage your own internal staff by assigning them their own Regional or Sales account. They can then add and manage all of their clients within their accounts or you can assign clients to them.
  5. Reporting and analytics that show results of clinics employees taking your training.
  6. Branding on your customer accounts: Logo and branded color shown as a banner for your training modules.
  7. Create bespoke test questions and certify your clients through the platform with digital certificates.
  8. Create a supplier public profile page on MyFaceMyBody.com that will expand your reach to potential new customers.
  9. Additional advertising opportunities are also available to further promote your brand.

For more information on creating a supplier account, please contact Adrienne@themedicalbusinessacademy.com

“Working with the MyFaceMyBody MBA program has allowed us to provide our customers the opportunity to improve their patient experience.  As our customers strive to stay competitive in this growing Aesthetics Industry, providing them the benefit of the Practice Audit has assisted in identifying key areas in which the practice can leverage their strengths, but also identify areas in which making small changes can dramatically improve the patient experience.  Addressing the patient experience in this way allows them to make smart investments in training resource for staff development.  This investment translates into improved patient retention and conversion.  The practice audits have also helped Colorescience as a business partner provide our practices a targeted solution that will help their teams improve in the identified areas of opportunity.”

Heather Goodchild

Vice President, Professional Business

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