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With over 30 years of collective Customer Service, Practice Management, Sales & Marketing experience within Aesthetics and Healthcare, The Medical Business Academy was designed to help healthcare professionals, aesthetic practices, beauty and medispas to identify and maximize their true business potential.

The MBA, powered by MyFaceMyBody the internationally recognized global aesthetic awards program, was created by founder Stephen Handisides to enable practice owners to manage, measure and monitor staff performances, improve workflows and identify key areas of opportunity for growth within their business. Through our comprehensive Mystery Shopping experiences, interactive E-Learning modules, business workshops, business mentorship and diamond Accreditation we’ve driven huge growth not only in profits, but financial freedom.

Are you a practice owner that is busy doing ‘stuff’? Are you spending more time working ‘in’ the business rather than ‘on’ it?

We have launched the world’s largest and most comprehensive universal training program to help aesthetic practices and healthcare professionals identify and maximize their true business potential.

Our focus is to work with practices from the inside out. Once we identify the opportunities for growth in the business, we can build processes and systems that allow you to spend more time on the business rather than in it.

The Facts

Over 1,000 practice’s have been audited to date

 70% of practices lose 62% of their business internally

Telephone Handling

55% Front Desk said their name
5% Used Patient’s Name
16% Handle Price Objection
9% Product Knowledge
13% Asked for a Consult Booking
48% are not marketing to their existing customers
56% responded to customer inquiries within 48 hours
38% sold treatments, not treatment plans

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