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Business Profit Calculator

Working with data analysts we developed an ‘industry first’ business profit calculator that allows doctors and business owners to measure the actual revenue losses and growth opportunities against the customer journey they have mapped out in their practice.  We have been saving practices thousands of dollars and finding between $250k to $500k+ of additional revenue growth within their business.

Have you spent time designing your client journey? Do you offer a 5-star customer experience to ensure the highest possible retention and profitability?

Many business owners focus on attracting new clients into the business and only value a client as a one-off transaction, rather than looking at the lifetime value of a customer.

The business profit calculator not only gives real figures on how much revenue you can grow your business daily, but also on a weekly, monthly, annually and lifetime value of each customer.

How does it work?

After we perform a mystery shopping audit of your practice you can then access your scores in the dashboard of The Medical Business Academy platform. This audit report evaluates and measures every touch point within your client journey.

Why is this important?

If one positive touch point is missed within the client journey then this potential new lead to your business is lost, meaning loss of revenue and possibly damage to your own reputation.

The audit report allows you and your staff to ensure you deliver a 5-star customer experience. Inputting your own figures into the Business Profit Calculator enables you to determine the real $ value impact of how that is effecting your own business in a positive and negative way.

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