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Customer Service E-Learning

Through a series of online interactive E-Learning modules, our goal is to educate and support you and your team in the key areas of customer service, marketing, and business growth. Based on the results of your Mystery Shopping report, you will be given access to your online account where recommended E-Learning modules will be available that your staff can be tested on to ensure regular learning and development. Practice owners have found the E-learning invaluable for new and existing staff as a way of measuring and monitoring their performance to better remunerate and reward individuals for their success.

* You will have a limited amount of time to complete the E-Learning modules to be eligible for Accreditation.

E-learning Modules include:

Booking the Consultation & Confirmation (Part 1)
First Contact. Mastering the Telephone.

Booking the Consultation & Confirmation (Part 2)
Creating a Great Booking Experience.

Sharing & Collecting Information (Part 1)
Strategies to save time before an appointment and to avoid costly cancellations.

Sharing & Collecting Information (Part 2)
The perfect confirmation process.

The Art of Arrival
First impressions are everlasting.

The Waiting Room
An enjoyable wait.

Best Practice Consultation
How to perform a winning consultation.

A Professional Experience
How to deliver a flawless consultation from start to finish.

Retail at Consultation (Part 1)
Best business practice. Information to accompany your retail recommendations.

Retail at Consultation (Part 2)
Making trustworthy retail recommendations, without the selling.

Strategies for overcoming retail barriers. Say goodbye to limiting beliefs.

Retailing at Reception
Optimizing the retail experience. Your retail display.

Departure (Part 1)
Demonstrating Guest Care at Departure.

Departure (Part 2)
A farewell your patients will always remember.

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