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How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Forum Marketing

One efficient way to pull some people onto your site is by forum marketing. This is when you find a forum that is relevant to your field (try searching “[your field] forums”) and actively engage people in them. Every time you post on the forum, your signature (which you should be including your links in) will be displayed and be viewable to any participant or viewer of the forum. A good amount of members might be enticed to click on your links and thus you gain more traffic. It’s good idea to have quality posts and not spammy or low-effort submissions.

Writing Articles

Writing articles for your site is another very useful way to get traffic flowing over. Simply pick a topic that relates to your product or field (it can be a loose relation, just make sure what you’re writing is enticing) and make a page-long article or so. If you’re new to this, look at any popular site that hosts articles and follow their layout as a template to get started. Don’t forget to include certain keywords that would help in displaying your site on a Google search, as this can be extremely beneficial.

Ad Swapping

After you’ve gained some traction and have at least a few hundred or so regular clients, it’s probably a good time to take the next big step, which is to gain traffic by using ad swaps. For this method, you need to find someone/a company with a similarly sized operation and field as yours and “swap” promotional pieces; you promote their website to your base of customers and they promote yours, making it a “swap”. This is an excellent way to earn loads of new clients who will already have an interest in your field. There are some websites that act as a broker for this, but many of them do request

Facebook and Instagram Ads

While this one may not be new information, I do urge you to think about advertising on these platforms, due to their effectiveness in providing visibility to your ad and site. What I mean by this is: the way that these have integrated ads and sponsored messages is very seamless and gets your message out there, but whether or not people resonate with your ads is on you. If you feel confident in your ad campaign, this could yield some serious traffic to your site!

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