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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Basics


You may have been hearing this term thrown around recently, and that’s because it’s debatably one of the most important things your company can do to ensure that traffic is coming through to you online. To break down its most essential parts, Search Engine Optimization means streamlining your website and any key terms in a way that leads people to your website when they’re Google searching. Many people make a living off of optimizing websites for google searches, but the basics of this topic are easy to understand. If at the end of this introduction you feel like it would be a good idea to hire a professional, then don’t hesitate to do so! This is a common job that companies typically outsource to get done.


When Google began, they ranked links/sites that were referenced or searched the most by other websites higher up, because theoretically this means your site was “better” than others of a similar topic. Nowadays, Google searches work in a similar way, but with a bit more subtleties and distinctions. Links that are referenced on sites with “authority” hold more weight, I.E. Wikipedia, Facebook and the like. Basically, to appear higher up on the search page, you have to convince the search engine that your website is the the most popular site from the search terms submitted. If you do some Google searching of your own about these optimizations, you might land yourself onto programs or websites that will help “boost” your company to the top of the page, but DON’T BE FOOLED! Google’s algorithm will eventually pick up on it and undo your ranking.


The first step to SEO your website is to work out what keywords are being displayed on your home page. Think of detailed searches that people might type in order to find a company like your own, preferably some that would be in the least amount of competition with other companies.To be clear, you will not be pulling huge traffic right away and the safe approach that we’re using is to help get you more traffic and higher rankings in the search page in the long term. Once you figure out what search terms people are using the most to find you, you need to make sure that your site layout is allowing Google to find what it’s displaying (no hidden text and make sure that the more important things are higher up on the page, etc).


Next, look for articles that pertain to your field and create a section on your website with some factual information on it that can be used to refer it to an ‘authority’ site, such as Wikipedia (if applicable). This can be a huge help to start boosting your rankings, but you need to make sure your entry falls under the acceptable guidelines of the site.


There is quite a lot to Search Engine Optimization, more than we can cover in just one article, but these quick tips should help you get better acquainted with SEO and assist in getting your site higher up in the rankings without too much effort!

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