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4 Exercises to Keep You More Focused


We have all had moments where we can’t seem to focus even if our lives depended on it. This can be incredibly frustrating and sometimes even demoralizing. In this article we will teach you 4 exercises to help keep you more focused.


1. Ask yourself why

It’s important to know why you’re doing something and what the end goal provides in order to stay vigilant on the task. If you’re starting to feel scattered and unmotivated when it comes to getting a big project done, the first thing you should do is ask yourself this question and remember what you’ll get from completing it effectively.


2. Don’t procrastinate (especially on the early stages of a task)

Many people would argue that the end-portions of a task are where you need to be the most disciplined and unrelenting (and they’re totally not wrong). However, I firmly believe that the emphasis on diligence and eliminating procrastination is infinitely more helpful when channeled towards the beginning stages of a large, daunting task. This isn’t to say that you should slack off towards the end of what you’re doing at all, but rather that getting into the swing of things earlier often makes it easier and more natural to do things efficiently towards the end. You’re going to set yourself up for a difficult time and a less optimal outcome if you try to and wait until the last moment before dumping all of your energy in.


3. Take breaks

Nothing gets us in a mental funk quicker than doing the same thing for long periods of time with no time to recharge. Whether your task spans for a day or weeks, it’s incredibly important to take proportionate breaks to reset your perspectives on things and keep your focus sharp as possible. Often times the most effective tools to employ in long winded tasks are the simplest ones.


4. Try meditation

No, meditation is not just for hippies and yes, it does actually work – it’s also consistently backed by science. This is something that could benefit you tremendously and takes no preparation or money to do, only a small window of time and a place to sit. The benefits are even more pronounced if you’re stressed and overloaded from work life. I urge you to look into it during some free time, but the basics go as follows: Sit comfortably and straight, breathe a steady rate but not with too much thought, pay attention to your thoughts without interrupting them for examination, relieve tension in your body and focus on your breathe in and out for at least 10-15 minutes and increase the time slightly with each passing session. This is a lot like a workout and takes a bit of practice to notice the effects, but it’s been proven to help reduce stress and increase your productivity!

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