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4 Simple Self Improvement Hacks to Increase Your Productivity


Running a successful practice requires certain skills and a healthy state of mind, but taking care of your physical health can massively increase your daily productivity as well. Here are a 4 simple areas of self improvement to increase your productivity during the week.


1: Caloric Intake

When getting into shape, many people might think they’re eating better, but more often than not, eating better doesn’t mean that you’re eating effectively. Factoring in calories when it comes to fat loss is one of the most important parts of dieting and lifestyle change. To put it into perspective, a typical restaurant-style caesar salad can stack up to 1,000 calories or more! That’s more than 2 cheeseburgers from McDonald’s. While the content of what you’re eating is definitely important, how much you’re taking in is what will determine the number on the scale at the end of the week. To help with this, there are plenty of downloadable apps for your phone that track both calories and nutrients, making the process significantly easier! Try out MyFitnessPal FREE calorie counter to monitor your daily caloric intake.


2: Fruits, Vegetables and Vitamin Intake

On a similar note, getting sufficient daily vitamins is another very crucial part to a healthy body and mind. While supplements and over the counter fixes can be convenient and sometimes helpful, the best way to get vitamins into your system is through real fruits and vegetables! Your body recognizes and breaks down everything from natural produce in a very effective way in comparison to a pill or capsule. This is because the vitamins and minerals in most multivitamins are not identical to those you obtain from natural foods. There’s likely many nutrients you’re missing out on because our body cannot synthesize all the ones from said pills. There also isn’t as stringent quality control on vitamins and supplements as we’d like to think, making the end product vary greatly from what’s advertised. If possible, organic is always the way to go!  


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3: Walking and general cardiovascular health

There are near countless benefits to walking, from losing weight and improving overall health to improving bone/muscle function. It even lowers blood pressure and is an excellent de-stressing exercise that anyone in any age group can do. Some could argue that the mental benefits of relaxation felt after a good session is just as rewarding as the physical benefits. If you’re not very active start with some basic stretches and short walks then gradually increase the duration over time. Your body will get used to it and eventually you can step increase to a jog or even a sprint!


4: Mental Health and Stress Factors

In today’s world, it’s just as important to take care of our mental health as it is our physical health. Not many people know this, but stress and mental exhaustion can manifest itself in physical symptoms such as headaches, heartburn, stomach issues and insomnia. It’s no joke, and our mental health should be a top priority. One thing that many people have found helpful is breathing exercises and mindful breathing. If you’re resilient to accepting the practice, I urge you to try this the next time you’re stressed: Take a moment, breathe deeply and purposefully in and out while keeping your focus on nothing but your breath for 30 seconds to a minute. This has been clinically proven to help people relax and realign their mind when stresses are high. Stick with it and you will see the positive effects it has on managing stress in your daily life.


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