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5 Powerful Body Language Tips for Powerful Leaders

Using your body language in business is highly valuable to be able to properly lead a meeting and to draw attention to yourself when presenting to a large crowd. What makes these leaders so powerful? Here are six body language behaviors that will help you exude more confidence and feel more powerful the next time you walk into a room:


  1. Increase Team Productivity By Staying Open

If you are portraying a closed body language to your team, they will begin to mimic these behaviors. By keeping a relaxed and open posture in the workplace, your team will respond by being more productive, cohesive and positive.


  1. Keep A Broad Stance

To become a dynamic speaker you will want to keep a broad stance: feet planted firmly, hips width apart and weight distributed evenly. This will help calm your nerves, breath easy and amplify your voice while speaking.


  1. Make Your Move

Making moves when you speak will draw more attention and can be highly effective when you’re trying to make a key point. Even try pausing your movements and stand absolutely still to highlight your most important points.  


  1. Know Your Palms

Hand gestures can be an incredibly powerful tool. Gesturing with exposed palms shows that you are open to negotiation, while palms facing down indicate that you are closed to negotiation. A definitive gesture of authority while speaking is placing both hands, palms down, on or above a conference table.


  1. Keep A Close Eye

One of the simplest and most powerful tools used by leaders is eye contact. It conveys trust, confidence and a more intimate encounter. However, don’t make too much eye contact or you might make someone uncomfortable. A good balance is key.

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