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A Success Checklist for Hiring Great Staff

A Success Checklist for Hiring Great Staff

Finding the right candidate for your business can be such a challenge and incredibly time consuming. A great candidate should fit all of the skill sets your position needs, the personality to work well with your team and forward thinking to continue to grow your business even further.

  • Network, Network, Network

    • If you’re not looking to hire or fill any positions it’s never a bad idea to network and keep individuals in mind for future roles.
  • Know the position you’re looking to fill

    • Analyze and define all of the duties and skills needed for the position you are looking to fill. Once this has been determined you will be capable of writing a detailed job description in order to find the right employee.
  • Create a team strategy

    • Work with your team on building a strategy to hire your new employee. You will want your new hire to be able to communicate and work well with your current staff members. Making a list of qualities and skills you are looking for will help your team identify or narrow down a proper candidate.
  • Go digital

    • A great way to screen resumes and find larger candidate pools is by utilizing job hiring platforms. This will help in keeping you organized and easily decide ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on various candidates.


  • Pay attention

    • Pay close attention to how each potential candidate communicates through email and over the phone. This may very well show how they would communicate to your clients.


  • Step up the interview process

    • If you’re hiring for a new sales rep ask them to sell you something. It’s a great way to gauge how they work under pressure and allows you to see other skills or qualities they possess. If time is limited, be sure to ask thought provoking questions that are specific to the role you’re looking to fill.

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