The O Shot: Can It Enhance Your Orgasm?

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You could be forgiven for thinking the answer to the above question is a big no, but, as they say, anything is possible.

We’ve all read the headlines about designer vaginas, but behind the sensationalist stories there is a genuine emerging area of medicine known as “vulval dermatology”. It encompasses cosmetic procedures to improve the appearance of the vagina, as well as treatments that address medical issues that affect functionality, such as urinary stress incontinence, and, you may be pleased to know, options that can enhance your sex life.

While there may not be an obvious link between facial aesthetics and lady parts, it is in fact aesthetic doctors who are offering many of these new procedures, largely because they use the same technologies, such as lasers, fillers and PRP.

But, back to the question at hand, can an injection give you an orgasm? The simple answer is yes, it can. The O-Shot, or Orgasm Shot to give it is full name, is a procedure designed to address a wide variety of intimate female concerns. The procedure is based on a technique that stimulates stem cells using Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP.

It’s the same technique that is used to rejuvenate skin in the Vampire Facial; PRP works by harvesting platelets rich in growth factors from your own blood and then re-injecting them back into the body to help rejuvenate, regenerate and heal a specific area, with the O-Shot focused on the genital area.

Because it uses your own blood, PRP is a low risk procedure. Dr Sherif Wakil, who’s the first doctor to offer the O-Shot in the UK, says, “The worst that can happen is you will have little or no effect, but I can honestly say the majority report great results.”

Sexual healing

One of Dr Wakil’s patients described that the O-Shot has increased “lubrication as well as the duration and intensity of my sexual arousal.”

Amanda*, 52, had the O-Shot towards the end of 2015. “Due to the menopause, I have found over the last few years a difference in how I get aroused,” she said. “After the treatment, I noticed that my vulva looked younger and smoother, and there was increased natural lubrication. It gave for an all round better sexual experience.”

It’s still a controversial treatment; critics say there is no scientific evidence to back up the O-Shot. But despite that, patients who’ve had the procedure are reporting real benefits, and not just when it comes to their sex life.

Julie, 55, suffers with a rare skin condition called lichen sclerosus, which affects the genital area causing itching and erosion of the skin tissue. “Although it isn’t agony, it is painful,” Julie explains. “They can’t cure it, the only thing they can do is control it. The only way they can do that is with a really strong steroid cream, and of the side effects of that are thinning of the healthy skin.”

Julie had two O-Shot procedures two months apart, and says the results have made feel “much more confident, because I look normal again”.

“There was one point because the skin was so damage from the [steroid] cream on the surrounding tissue that I couldn’t wear knickers,” she explains. The O-Shot has changed that, she says, and allowed her to get back on the exercise bike (something that was too uncomfortable before). “It pulls all sorts of nutrients to the area, and you get a renewed look,” she says.

* Some names have been changed.