How To Remove Dark Circles With Makeup:
4 Simple Tips


We’ve all looked in the mirror and seen hollow dark eyes looking back at us. Whether it’s a stubborn problem or just a one-off after a rough night’s sleep, dark circles around the eyes are a bore.

Of course, there are treatments and products that can work wonders, sometimes you just need a quick fix to look bright and lively for the day ahead.

Top makeup artist Lisa Harris Boys shares her top tips for a quick and simple cover-up job:

  • Tip 1. First, use a good eye base to get a smooth foundation on the eye lid. Embryoilsse’s Artist’s Secret Radiant Eye is perfect, I think.
  • Tip 2. Use a concealer that is creamy with plenty of elasticity. Kevin Aucoin Skin Enhancer is my favourite. And opt for a warm peach tone as yellow can look too chalky.
  • Tip 3. Use your fingers to pat and push the product in, rather than blending with a brush, to help it sit in place better.
  • Tip 4. A light reflecting product, like YSL’s Touche Éclat, is a great all-rounder for everyday to make you look a bit brighter.