How To Remove Crow’s Feet


Crow’s feet are one of the first signs of ageing to appear on the face, and one of the most stubborn to remove. MyFaceMyBody spoke to three leading physicians to get their view on the best treatments for fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.


“Lines in the delicate eye area are prime territory for botulinum toxin treatments. “Crows’ feet are lines caused by movement. Botox works by relaxing the contracted muscles in the treated area, softening the appearance of existing lines and preventing future ones forming,” explains Dr Max Marcellino, leading Harley Street plastic surgeon, adding that one injection will improve crows’ feet by 50-60{19761799e1353b7a6a49a5f02d3172230495afcde52b198895f8f3ba7ac759cb}.

Dr Askari Townshend, founder of beauty boutique and clinic Askinology in London’s banking district, agrees. He says botox is his go-to treatment for lines around the eyes. “It’s one of the safest and most effective treatments I do. Side effects are few and far between and when done by a trained and skilled practitioner, can have great results.”


“For something less invasive, Dr Steven Harris, who runs London-based non-surgical aesthetics practice The Harris Clinic, suggests a microneedling therapy. “For treatment of crows’ feet, I recommend treatment with a Dermapen,” he says. “Microneedling has a tightening and lifting effect. As well as stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, microneedling creates micro-channels in the skin to allow penetration of high quality skincare products.”

While microneedling can get great results on its own, it also works well in combination with botox, helping to target the lines and wrinkles at the source as well as treat the symptoms.”


“The skin around the eyes is the thinnest in the whole body, so damage appears earlier than elsewhere, which is why taking good care of it is particularly important. Dr Townshend recommends a great SPF as a starting point. “And invest in a pair of big wrap around sunglasses!”

If you’re serious about good eye skincare, he says, there are some great products packed with powerful ingredients to look at. “Retinol-based products will help with the production of collagen and can minimise the ageing of skin, and potentially reverse it,” he says. “Vitamin C is still a fantastic antioxidant that plays several roles in the maintenance of skin health, but it must be well formulated to penetrate the skin and deliver it’s actives to the deep layers.”