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Makeover of the Year - Surgical

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Makeover of the Year - Surgical

CosmetiCare Plastic Surgery Center and MedSpa implemented a unique ambassador program in 2016 to generate greater brand recognition, create and attract nontraditional forms of media, and to increase education about surgical and non-surgical procedures. The CosmetiCare Ambassador Program invites several local Southern California women each year to experience the wide array of services available at CosmetiCare in return for authentically sharing their cosmetic enhancement journeys with their online communities via blog posts, social media and testimonial videos. Our ambassadors are just like other women who have concerns about their bodies and who want to explore opportunities for change and it is through this program that we are able to showcase the real results that are achieved with the help of our team of experts. Here we have provided an example of one ambassadors’ transformation to demonstrate the impact of the program. 

Meet Shelby Barone: a top influencer in Orange County, California and the creator of the widely-read “OC Mom Blog.” She is just one of the nine CosmetiCare Ambassadors with a monthly audience of 300,000+ readers. The mom of three decided to undergo mastopexy with augmentation and liposuction at CosmetiCare to help regain her pre-baby body and most importantly, her confidence.  To help other women facing her same struggles, Shelby shared her physical and mental journey in a very open and relatable way. She covered the process before, during, and after her procedures, sharing her experience and any concerns she had along the way, as well as tips she learned from the CosmetiCare team on how best to take care of herself before and after surgery.

About Shelby’s Journey:

Shelby’s first introduction to CosmetiCare as an ambassador was through non-invasive medspa treatments, such as Botox and Juvederm. She then transitioned to discussing mommy makeover surgical procedures that would help address her greatest areas of concern.  After a consultation with CosmetiCare's board-certified plastic surgeons, Shelby decided to undergo a mastopexy with augmentation with Dr. Michael Niccole to lift and shape her breasts and reverse the after effects of breastfeeding. The results were spectacular and in Shelby’s words, her confidence, "went through the roof.” After seeing how delicate and precise CosmetiCare surgeons are, Shelby opted for liposuction to fully achieve the pre-baby body she once had. Dr. Angela Champion was able to remove targeted areas of stubborn fat and sculpt Shelby’s body to a more aesthetically pleasing shape. The CosmetiCare team also coached Shelby on the next steps needed post procedure to achieve optimal results.  Through CosmetiCare’s life-changing procedures and Shelby’s disciplined work, she lost an additional 40 pounds and six dress sizes!

Shelby attributes her new-found confidence to the education and procedures she received at CosmetiCare. She also says that this experience has not only impacted her life, but also the lives of those who follow her. Because Shelby was unafraid to share all aspects of her transformation journey, her followers have felt more empowered to explore surgical and non-surgical procedures, allowing them to take the reins to change their bodies and lives. Shelby’s breast and body contouring procedures have shown the quality of work that CosmetiCare doctors achieve and the care that goes into each and every patient’s wellbeing. Shelby and the CosmetiCare team deserve to be named Surgical Makeover of the Year because of the quality of work and care shown, the results yielded, and the widespread impact achieved through patient education.


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