5 Best Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatments

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Let’s talk about vaginas. It’s a sad fact that as a nation we are embarrassed to talk about the female sex organ and, as a result, many women suffer in silence about the issues they are experiencing in terms of sexual arousal, lack of feeling, urinary incontinence, disfigurement or problems brought on by child-birth, the menopause or other factors.

Non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation is one of the latest trends, but it is one that is little talked about in the public arena.

Known by names such as vaginoplasty, labiaplasty and vulval dermatology, as well as the cruder “designer vagina”, there are now a plethora of procedures designed to tighten, beautify, rejuvenate and improve the function of the vagina.

Here are 5 of the latest new treatments for non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation that you may not even know exist…

Vaginal fillers

You may have heard of fillers for the face but what about fillers for feminine parts? Hyaluronic acid fillers, commonly used to volumise the face and erase lines and wrinkles, can be used for intimate enhancement procedures. One of the most widely talked about is the “G Shot” designed to enhance sexual pleasure and stimulation but there are also now injectable products that have been specifically designed to be used in this intimate region, namely Desirial, which can be used to shape and add volume to the labia or to reduce problems associated with vaginal dryness.


Another treatment that is normally talked about in reference to the face but can be very effective in vaginal applications is radiofrequency or RF. RF uses heat energy to tighten the tissue so its applications in the vagina include tightening internally and externally, which can improve the aesthetic appearance of the labia. Treatments that use RF include the BTL Protégé Intima.

Laser labiaplasty

Although the term laser labiaplasty is the one most commonly used, lasers can actually be used for a number of different things, not just cosmetically enhancing the appearance of the labia. Like RF, one of their main benefits is tightening, which can not only enhance sexual enjoyment and confidence but on a more serious note can help address problems such as stress urinary incontinence.


Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, otherwise known as PRP, is seen as a natural method of rejuvenation because it uses growth factors from your own blood. For intimates the treatment which has most hit the headlines and uses PRP is the O-Shot® or Orgasm Shot, to give it its full name. As well as improving your sex life, this injectable treatment also claims to help with a number of medical problems such as urinary incontinence, pain during sex and vaginal dryness. The treatment was brought to the UK by Dr Sherif Wakil.


Yes, you read right, threads are one of the newest treatments being used for vaginal rejuvenation. Most commonly used to lift facial tissues, polydioxanone threads, known as PDO threads, can be used to have a similar tightening and lifting effect in the intimate region and has been described by the unfortunate name “the crotch lift”.

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