Tips to Make Your Skin Look Younger [Infographic]

Younger-looking skin is all the rage these days. In a society where social media plays a huge role in reinforcing self-image and boosting self-confidence, people are always on to taking the next perfect, blemish-free selfie. But while you can always count on photo-editing applications to wipe out most of the imperfections, nothing beats a healthy, smooth, and clear skin that needs no filters.
The skin is in a state of constant growth. Old skin cells die and are replaced by new ones in a continuous cycle. However, this process slows down as you age. The older you get, the thinner and less elastic your skin becomes. This is due to the reduced production of hyaluronic acid and collagen, two components that help maintain the skins smoothness and elasticity. The first visible signs of aging manifest on the skin. As the body’s protective barrier and the first layer of defense against the sun and other external elements, the skin is very susceptible to damage. It often comes as a wonder then, how so many of us neglect to give it the care and nurture that it deserves. The state of your skin shouldn’t have to be a reflection of your age.

A good skin care regimen can effectively slow down the signs of aging. Skin care, however, is more than just the products that you use and apply daily. It is the proactive steps you take to maintain a lifestyle that is both healthy and beneficial to your well being. Starting habits that help nourish the skin early in life will contribute to younger, glowing skin in the coming years. Having healthy skin is beyond presenting a flawless image to the world. It is part of taking good care and paying due attention to your best asset – yourself.

Check out the infographic below for skin care ideas and more tips on how you can age gracefully.


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