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Another great year at the non-surgical symposium which was held at the convention centre in Melbourne organized by the Production House Events. The quality of speakers this year was excellent with an impressive turnout from companies exhibiting and supporting the event.

I was very impressed to see a number of international speakers from America and South East Asia, which were very well received by delegates.

President of ASAPS, Tim Papadopoulos commented We were fortunate to have had a globally renowned panel of leading experts this year, however we have received some early feedback on the excellent presentations of Dr Bhatia and Dr Goh.

 Dr Ashish, Bhatia from Chicago is not only an expert and leader in dermatology, dermatologic surgery and cosmetic surgery but an engaging presenter. The delegates enjoyed his recounts on new findings, and the story telling, approach he takes to deliver them. 

Dr Chee Leok Goh from Singapore. Dr Goh is considered one of the gurus of dermatology in South East Asia, and our delegates were inspired by his new techniques and experience and insightful approach to this part of cosmetics”.

I am always in search for “whats new” in the aesthetics sector around the world. I was particularly impressed with Stratpharma’s scar management solutions and the impressive results the products deliver. Other products I was impressed by was the UltraShape Power by Syneron Candela, Sculpsure by Cynosure and CLATUU 360 Freeze by Cryomed.

Tim also commented “This year I am confident that we have delivered one of the most captivating and dynamic experiences to date, with an enhanced level of networking and sharing between our community as well as the diversity of our panel and key note speakers which was second to none. Their delivery of cutting edge and global trends in the non-surgical space was exciting, important and invaluable.

In terms of new learnings and information shared, the highlights include the exploration of the increased trend of filler use over botox for facial rejuvenation. With this finding we were able to share the key ways in which to maintain safety while performing procedures.  For us the delivery of safety techniques are paramount to our communication sharing.”

It was great to have the opportunity to attend the conference this year and I look forward to seeing the new trends of 2017.





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