5 Easy Steps for men to achieve better Looking skin

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I have seen the trends over the last ten years and how the skin care market for men has really exploded. However as men we still struggle to really understand what products we should be wearing let alone what skin type we are.

In the new year I decided to put together 5 easy steps for men to wanted to know more about how to maintain their skin:

1) Wash your Face. I would use a cleanser and then pat dry with a towel. We cleanse to take away oils and dirt that may have accumulated during your day, giving your skin a fresh start. However don’t over scrub!
2) Wait an hour. During this time, your skin should return to its natural state, the characteristics of which will determine your skin type. However don’t start touching your face because it feels nice because you might have actually washed it for once in your life!
3) Dab your face with a tissue. Pay attention to the ‘T-zone’–the area of your forehead and nose.
4) Determine your skin type. Now your skin will fall into four types so this is you chance to really show your partner you are your own skin expert. The four different types are: normal, oily, dry and combination.
–  Normal skin shows neither oil nor flaking skin. It should feel supple and smooth. This is a great skin type to be so count yourself lucky!

–  Oily skin is characterized by the grease on the tissue. A person with oily skin normally has large pores and a shine to their skin.
–  Dry skin may feel taut or show flakes of dead skin. Moisturizing is essential for men with this skin type.

Combination skin is the most common type. It exhibits traits of all three of the above skin types. Usually, the skin is oily in the T-zone and normal to dry elsewhere.

5) If you have sensitive skin, your face reacts easily to regular skin products. So what does this really mean? What happens is when you use regular skin products, your face tends to get red, itchy, or you will beak out in a rash.
If you are an adult you may still suffer from pimples/acne, especially if you have an oily skin type. There are a number of really good acne products out there.

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