Sharon Stone Introduces Galderma’s New Campaign: Proof In Real Life

sharon stone

Stephen (right) meets Sharon Stone.

MyFaceMyBody were in Germany to meet Sharon Stone and learn about the natural-looking results achievable by Restylane Skin Boosters.

When Galderma challenged MyFaceMyBody to test the subtle results of Restylane fillers and Restylane Skinboosters – and also invited Hollywood A-Lister Sharon Stone – the offer couldn’t be refused.

Stephen Handisides, founder of MyFaceMyBody and male grooming expert, met with Stone, who’s films include Basic Instinct and Catwoman to learn what Restylane can achieve and why Stone is the first celebrity to endorse an aesthetic brand.

The Galderma ‘Proof In Real Life’ campaign saw ten sets of identical twins take part in a unique challenge. One twin from each pair received a bespoke treatment plan which consisted of treatments with Restylane fillers, Restylane Skinboosters or a combination of both.

The results revealed that 100{19761799e1353b7a6a49a5f02d3172230495afcde52b198895f8f3ba7ac759cb} of those untreated are now considering treatments themselves. Stephen said: “To see the reveal first-hand was amazing. The natural-looking results will help show consumers that having an aesthetic treatment does not mean that you receive extreme results. The results from the live reveal show that subtle transformations can happen.”

Sharon said: “It’s been a fascinating experience to follow the twins’ journeys and to be with them tonight as they showcase results in real life.

“So many people are put off aesthetic treamentsbecause of extreme images, and the Proof in Real Life campaign has provided results people have been able to see first-hand, giving them the opportunity to judge for themselves.”

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