Dentistry At Your Workplace Comes To UK

workplace dentistryWorkplace dentistry is coming to the UK. Onsite Services will be launching an Oral to Overall Health initiative starting in mid-April 2015 targeting some of the highest profile businesses in the country. Onsite will be organising all the tour logistics including the provision of a 53-foot transportable dental practice – whilst affiliated dental professionals will be providing free oral annual health checks, dental examinations, dental cleaning as well as systemic health education.

Arrangements have already been made with many leading UK companies and the Onsite touring practice will visit large, single and multi-tenant business parks where they are based throughout the UK – with the potential to treat 81,700 employees.

The need for such as service is evident. Research shows that only 21{19761799e1353b7a6a49a5f02d3172230495afcde52b198895f8f3ba7ac759cb} of the UK population visit the dentist annually. The Onsite tour is being supported by the Dental Health Foundation.

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