Dental Professionals Take The ‘The Sonicare Challenge’

Great teeth

How do you keep a beautiful smile and healthy teeth? With so many different toothpastes and toothbrushes available it can be a little overwhelming these days, which is why the results of the Sonicare Challenge were so interesting.

The challenge was set to 5,468 dental professionals to see their opinion of the Philips Sonicare EasyClean brush.

The results were extremely positive, with strong scores for all measures:

  • Over 95{19761799e1353b7a6a49a5f02d3172230495afcde52b198895f8f3ba7ac759cb} rated the cleaning as ‘good to excellent’.
  • Ease of use was also rated as ‘good to excellent’ by over 90{19761799e1353b7a6a49a5f02d3172230495afcde52b198895f8f3ba7ac759cb} of participants.
  • Gum health was ‘good to excellent’ in over 95{19761799e1353b7a6a49a5f02d3172230495afcde52b198895f8f3ba7ac759cb}.
  • Improvement in stain removal increased steadily over the four weeks to 84{19761799e1353b7a6a49a5f02d3172230495afcde52b198895f8f3ba7ac759cb} rating it as ‘good to excellent’.
  • ‘Good to excellent’ ratings for comfort rose during the trial to 91{19761799e1353b7a6a49a5f02d3172230495afcde52b198895f8f3ba7ac759cb}.

When asked if they would continue to use their brush after the trial, over 90{19761799e1353b7a6a49a5f02d3172230495afcde52b198895f8f3ba7ac759cb} of Dental Professionals said they would, and over 80{19761799e1353b7a6a49a5f02d3172230495afcde52b198895f8f3ba7ac759cb} would be happy to recommend the Philips Sonicare EasyClean brush to their patients. Professional recommendation has been key to the success of the Philips Sonicare brand, and Philips was keen for them to try this brush, as the most accessible in the range, and so the one they might feel most able to recommend to patients.

What sort of toothbrush do you use? Do you prefer an electric toothbrush? Do you have a tip for looking after your teeth and maintaining a brilliant smile? Tell us below!

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