Baaps Warn Of Health Timebomb On Dermal Fillers

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps) has warned that the unregulated dermal filler market could be the next scandal to rock the cosmetic surgery industry.

Nigel Mercer, former president of Baaps, said fillers are ‘completely unregulated’, with anyone who has completed a half-day course allowed to inject them into patients. The effect has been to allow hairdressers and beauticians to start offering the wrinkle redcing injections for about £250 a time. Baaps is also worried about the fact that fillers are also widely available on the internet for self-injection.

Mr Mercer said: ‘It is a ticking timebomb. We believe [fillers] should be a prescription drug only injected by a doctor. We are contacted by patients who have ended up with unsightly lumps under the skin which can only be removed with surgery, people left with scars after one of their arteries was injected and people can even go blind if it is injected too close to the eye.

‘There are reputable providers, but you see all the emails offering dermal fillers from China and we have no idea what they contain. You can make this stuff using a chemistry set.’

What has your experience of fillers been? Have you had a bad experience – or do you think that they are fine to self inject? Let us know!

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