Dental Practice Teaches Children How To Get That ‘Perfect’ Smile!

In support of National Smile Month a team from Perfect 32, an NHS and private dental practice in Beverley, visited children at Walkington Preschool and Walkington Primary School on Thursday, June 14th to teach them the best way to keep their teeth for life.

National Smile Month 2012 runs until June 20th and is led by The British Dental Health Foundation. This year’s focus is on the vital importance of looking after your mouth in order to keep both your mouth and body healthy.  Brushing your teeth for 2 minutes twice a day, drinking and eating less sugary snacks and visiting your dentist regularly are simple measures that can be taken to maintain overall health. Significant scientific evidence has proven the systemic links between the mouth and the body, with research clearly linking gum disease to heart disease, diabetes, strokes, pneumonia and premature and low birth weight babies. Millions of school days are also lost every year because children are suffering with oral health issues.

As well as offering educational advice in a fun way to 40 reception children with visuals and games, including a ‘good food, bad food’ interactive quiz and a ‘Smile for the Camera’ station, the team also had plenty of balloons, stickers and dental goodies to give away. The afternoon ended with a full school assembly with 264 children in attendance to listen to the National Smile Month message.

Practice manager, Nicki Rowland, said: “This is the forth year that we have visited children to promote good dental health and we always have great fun despite the serious message we are relaying to the children.”

“This year the children dressed up in clinical clothing and masks to look like dentists and had their photographs taken with the campaigns smile-on-a stick logo which was very funny. We also got very messy learning good brushing techniques using bright blue disclosing tablets and at one point the floor was covered in clinical gloves that the children had blown up and decorated as The Queen!”

Huw Tevenan  (age 5) said “We played a game and gave good food to the tooth fairy. I now know how to check if my tooth brush is worn out. I really enjoyed the afternoon.”

Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the Foundation, said: “We are delighted that Perfect 32 has joined the many dental practices, schools, health professionals and community groups promoting good oral healthcare under the umbrella of our National Smile Month campaign.

“A good oral healthcare routine can help guard against all sorts of oral and general health conditions from bad breath and decay to gum disease, which has been linked to a number of more serious health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and strokes.

For more information on National Smile Month visit the website:

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