“Age Cannot Wither Her” – The Cleopatra Effect With Dr. BK

People have always groomed themselves and tried to look their best. A feminine, highly ‘worked’ look has always been deemed beautiful (and that’s just the men!). Think of Cleopatra, the legendary Egyptian stunner who must have spent most of her time in front of the make-up mirror and in a milk bath.

These days celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne, Dita Von Teese, Erin O’Connor, Lily Cole and Keira Knightley are all proof that you can be beautiful with a pale, individual look.

For those of us not lucky enough to possess a full range of 10 out of 10 ‘knock-em-dead’ body parts (or are unable to afford a stylist to boost what’s there already) cosmetic surgery offers a whole range of solutions.

From skin smoothing to wrinkle reducing to vampire facelifts – this is a cutting edge industry which is constantly evolving to give us solutions to our beauty problems.

The problem is that many of the cosmetic surgery solutions involve a knife, a heavy dose of anaesthetic and the risk that we’ll leave the clinic looking like the Bride of Chucky.

Add to that the fact that for most people it’s frowned upon to have the ‘done’ look – it’s better and deemed more acceptable to have a more natural, softer, subtle rejuvenation and you might well wonder what the solution is to your ever-increasing wrinkles and slowly sagging chin…

That’s why I think it’s amazing what Reading based Dr. Bob Khanna can achieve with his Doctor BK Lift.

The Doctor BK Lift is unique to the Dr BK Clinic and it’s a combination of dermal fillers and Botox. The results you get, which I’ve seen, are pretty amazing.

Essentially the procedure uses Botox and fillers strategically in the face to pick up on areas that actually are showing signs of the aging process. Dr. Khanna positions the injections so that the effect mimics a face lift – but without the price tag or the pain!

Botox is used in the forehead, crows’ feet while fillers are used to enhance the lips and can also be used to reshape the nose, again non surgically. Fillers are also used to iron out nose to mouth lines, which have always been a sign of aging. The techniques developed by Dr Khanna are pioneering and he teaches them in his training institute.

In Shakespeare’s Anthony and Cleopatra it is said of Cleopatra that “age cannot wither her” and now you too can experience this effect thanks to the Dr BK non-surgical facelift!

See Dr Khanna talk about the BK Lift in this video.

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