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Who can enter the Awards?

The awards are open to individuals, practices or manufacturers & suppliers who meet the criteria of the related category.

Is there any cost to enter?

There is an entry fee, details of fees can be found here.

Can I nominate myself or my own company?

We accept self-nominated and third-party entries for individuals, practices, manufacturers and suppliers as long as supporting evidence can be provided.

What’s required if I wish to nominate an individual, manufacturers or supplier?

We need a formal statement supporting the submitted nomination. We will not accept simply, a name, product name, email address and telephone number. Supporting evidence is not mandatory but it may disadvantage your entry when it is judged if you do not supply them.

How many submissions can be made for the same individual or organization?

There are no limits to how many unique submissions can be made by an individual or organization as long as they meet the eligibility requirements for the category / region.

Which region’s awards should I enter?

There are five regions (Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, and the Americas)

For an individual or practice, they must live, work and have a practice within a region that they wish to enter. For an organization they must have a registered office or be able to demonstrate (as part of the submission) customers are active in that region.

Can I enter the Global awards without entering a regional awards?

No, you must enter the appropriate regional award.

How do I enter?

Easy – Register here for a free MyFaceMyBody account and you will receive an email with login details to sign into your free MyFaceMyBody account. Visit the awards dashboard, select your region and category, then complete the online application form. You’ll get an on-screen notification and an email to confirm we’ve received your entry.

Can I enter more than one category?

Yes, you can enter as many categories as you want. Just make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria for each category before submitting.

Can I enter more than one region?

You are permitted to enter unique submissions for different regions provided your entry meets the qualifying criteria.

What format should the supporting evidence be?

Please make sure gallery photographs are provided in jpg format and no more than 50MB per file. Any relevant supporting documents are provided in pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, csv, txt, rtf, html, zip, mp3, mp4, m4v, m4a, wma, mpg, mov, flv, avi, jpg, jpeg, png, gif. Maximum individual file size: 50MB

What if my entry won’t submit online?

Due to high volume an error may occur. If you are trying to add a large number of files all at the same time, or your individual file sizes exceed 50MB try adding smaller amounts of text and saving your progress in between. Then add images and supporting documents separately. If a problem continues please contact

Is my submission confidential?

Yes – all awards submissions are treated as highly confidential. Only the MyFaceMyBody Awards team and judging panel will be able to view them.

How do I get votes to support my entry?

Once you have selected the categories you wish to enter you will be allocated a unique voting link. This can be found within your awards dashboard within your free MyFaceMyBody account. You can share this link via social media, email campaigns or even have the link open in your practice waiting rooms to encourage your clients to support you.

How are judges selected?

Our judging panel is selected from Industry professionals who have demonstrated excellence within their field and have a code of conduct to adhere to. Each one is asked to declare any conflict of interests they may have to any entrant, so that the judging process is carried out fairly.

What happens after I submit an entry?

Sit back and wait until voting opens, in the meantime we will:

  • Review all submissions against the set criteria (if you’ve missed anything important, you can amend your entry at any time up until the closing date)
  • Send all submissions to the judging panel for scoring
  • Open the voting – then it’s over to you!
  • Finalize the scores of both the judges and supporting votes
  • Announce the regional & global winners online via our live streamed awards event.

How are the winners determined?

The winners will be decided via a two-step process. Firstly, by the judging panel taking into consideration how well the criteria have been met, the quality and detail of the information pertained in the entry, any case study submissions, patient testimonials and evidence of clinical expertise. Secondly patients, industry peers and suppliers will be able to vote and support entries, and all votes will count for 50% of the entries overall score.

Will I receive feedback from a submission?

No, feedback is not given on submissions.

How does the MyFaceMyBody Hall of Fame work?

If an individual, practice, manufacturer or supplier wins a MyFaceMyBody award 3 times, 6 times, or 10 times then they are entered into the Hall of Fame as a Ruby (3), Pearl (6) or Diamond (10) achiever.

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