It’s Never Too Early to Start Using Anti-Aging Products. Here’s Why.

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Many are leaving it too late before they start using anti-aging products, research shows

Aging is a natural process that everybody goes through, but it’s never too early to start using anti-aging products in your daily routine. While it isn’t something to be afraid or embarrassed by, many people, understandably, want to slow the process down to keep their skin looking youthful for longer.

Wrinkles, in particular, are a concern for many – the anti-aging market in the US is worth over 50 billion dollars per year! Wrinkles happen because when we age, our skin becomes less elasticated, thinner, and drier, and therefore it is unable to protect itself from damage.

What causes the skin to age?

According to research, 90% of skin aging is caused by sun exposure. Despite myths that sunscreen is only needed during summer, many skincare experts recommend applying every day, even when the weather is dull. While UVB rays burn skin, UVA rays age skin and are present all year round.

Wrinkles and fine lines can never be avoided entirely; however, there are certain products, ingredients, and lifestyle factors that can prevent them from appearing early on if used correctly.

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When should people start using anti-aging products?

Most anti-aging products are preventatives; therefore, to work effectively, it is recommended to use them from the age of 21 to reduce the signs of aging on the skin. Crows feet, dullness, and smile lines tend to appear when people are in their 30’s to 40’s.

McCabes Pharmacy recently conducted a survey and found that a third of people who use anti-aging skincare did not start until they were 45 or older. Furthermore, 12.4% of people said they only started using these products between the ages of 45 and 54, while 19.4% said they did not begin their regimen until after they were 55.

Lisa Byrne, a superintendent pharmacist at McCabes Pharmacy, said: “If wrinkles have already appeared, you can’t turn back the clock without undergoing cosmetic surgery. But you can soften wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin with products that contain effective ingredients and suit your skin type.”

How to reduce and prevent the appearance of wrinkles?

The same kinds of products and ingredients will reduce the appearance of existing wrinkles as well as prevent them from forming. Collagen is responsible for skin structure and elasticity; therefore, products with collagen can help with existing wrinkles and also prevent them.

Lisa adds: “Use products containing retinol, also known as vitamin A. This brightens the skin, smooths any current wrinkles, and prevents new lines from forming.”

Nutritionist and health & performance coach, Angela Foster, suggests that good anti-aging products with high levels of peptides, vitamin C and vitamin E — along with vitamin A — can also help to stimulate the production of collagen and soften the appearance of wrinkles.

Angela, a founder of My DNA Edge, said: “Applying the product after micro-needling the skin with a derma roller can help to enhance product penetration and stimulate collagen production. Sun protection is also critical after micro-needling.”

Additionally, moisturizing daily and applying an SPF to your face (whether it’s sunny or dull) can help with lines.

There are also some lifestyle factors which can help with wrinkles such as:

Staying Hydrated

Drinking water is essential and good for your health in general – it keeps your body clean from toxins, helps with digestion and regulates body temperature. Water keeps your skin healthy and hydrated from the inside.

A healthy diet

A 2019 study revealed that a group of women with unhealthy diets were prone to facial wrinkles. Eating food that has anti-inflammatory or antioxidant properties such as green tea, flax seeds, vegetables, can improve the elasticity of the skin and also can help with early aging and prevent skin damage.

Take notice of facial expressions and movements

Squinting and frowning can quickly cause wrinkles. Understandably, it’s extremely difficult to prevent this as a lot of the time; we aren’t aware we’re doing it! However, wearing sunglasses can prevent squinting in the sun, and going for an eye test can ensure squinting isn’t due to bad eyes. Frowning is often done when stressed, therefore trying some stress-relieving exercises may help.

If you want to put off wrinkles for as long as possible, it’s essential to start using the correct products in plenty of time and as early as possible. If you already have signs of aging, look into products that have ingredients that help reduce the appearance. It’s important to remember, aging skin is inevitable – you can delay the process and reduce the appearance, but fine lines are simply a natural part of aging.

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