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374 Shooters Hill Road
SE18 4LS

Based in South East London, in the Royal Borough Of Greenwich, our mission is Patient Satisfaction through a Holistic approach; providing exemplary medical, physical, cosmetic, psychological and spiritual care to our patients.

At Health & Aesthetic Clinic every patient is a special individual for us and receives our complete attention, ensuring that you are fully satisfied with your experience with ourselves. We offer you doctor led specialist treatments, administered by fully qualified professionals. This means that you can relax in the knowledge that 'Your Health and Beauty is in Safe Hands'. The Clinic and Dr Bhavjit Kaur are finalists in "The Clinic of The Year" and "The Doctor of The Year" categories in 2016 for being Procative in promoting Safety In Beauty.

Guided by our commitment to excellence we provide a comprehensive healthcare service offering a range of services from Private Doctors, Cosmetic Non Surgical Treatments, Slimming Services, Laser Hair Reduction and Pamper treatments like Manicures , pedicures, massages.

Committed to our patients we enforce Confidentiality,regular training and professional development of our staff.

We pride ourselves on establishing and maintaining good relationships with our patients and colleagues and are committed to delivering and promoting a healthy and beautiful life to our patients. We deliver our services to both men and women.

Our Clinic is set at a very convenient place, has private parking and easy access by road, train and tube.

The Health & Aesthetic Clinic brings Harley Street Treatments to your High Street for your convenience and peace of mind.

We look forward to see you in our clinic.

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I have acne what can I do ?

Hi, We offer many treatments for acne and acne scarring. 1. Light therapy 2. Laser treatment 3. Skin products. Our docotr will be able to advice you more on consultation. DO let us know if you wish to book an appointment. Thanks Shilraj Manager Health & Aesthetic Clinic 374 Shooters [...] Read Full Answer

I have acne scarring, is there anything I can have to treat this ?

Hi, We have couple of amazing treatments to treat your acne scarring. Sublative Laser treatment is one of the, Do let us know if you want to book an appointment with our doctor. Thanks Shilraj Manager Health & Aesthetic Clinic 374 Shooters Hill road London SE18 4LS 02083190074 [...] Read Full Answer

Im a man what treatments can I have

Hi, You can have all treatments a femal can have. Wrinkle injections (Botox) , Dermal fillers, Facial rejuvenation are a few examples of non-surgical facial treatments. [...] Read Full Answer

I gave lost weight and it shows in my face, what would you suggest ?

Hi, When one looses weight, this is one of the common condition. Injectible treatments like botox and fillers do work and gives quick lift but this will be requiredon regular basis. Laser facial rejuvenation treatments can also work for you but this may require a course or more depending on your [...] Read Full Answer

I’ve heard that 'Botox' is a toxin - is this true? Is it dangerous?

Botox was invented for medical use. If used appropriately by qualified medical professional then it works wonders. very rarely treatment can go wrong. Our clinic has not had any complications in using botox so far. We are a doctor run clinic and all injectible treatments are done by experianced and [...] Read Full Answer

I hate my laughing lines what treatments do you suggest to have ?

Ideally you should use dermal filler treatment if you wish to have almost instant effect. There are treatments like facial rejuvenation, Sublime Skin Tightening and endermolift which can be use but may need multiple sessions before you get desired results. You can book a consultation with our doc [...] Read Full Answer

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