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Eva Sanchez is the Managing Director of Recova Post Surgery.

Recova Post Surgery is the UK leading supplier of post-surgery compression garments and post-surgical bras.

Please contact Eva with any questions you may have. 

Questions & Answers

What is the difference between a post-surgery compression garment and shaper wear or sports compression? Answer by Eva Sanchez from Recova Post Surgery

Specialised post-surgery garments differ from sports compression or slimming wear because they provide stronger and more durable compression and are designed to be worn continuously for up to three months. They are also designed to minimise irritation against the skin, with flat seams, wide shoulder straps and no metal stays, and have specialised features such as fron fastenings, adjustable hook-and-eye closures and open crotch design.

Around two to three weeks after surgery it is possible to switch to less intensive, ‘second-stage’ garments, which are usually pull-on, without fastenings, and more discreet under clothing.

The fit of a medical-grade garment is absolutely critical and could have significant effects on the outcome of the recovery.

It is usually necessary to wear compression garments constantly during the recovery phase, therefore it is recommended to purchase at least two garments to allow regular changes. 

Eva Sanchez

Recova Post Surgery


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