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Eva Sanchez is the Managing Director of Recova Post Surgery.

Recova Post Surgery is the UK leading supplier of post-surgery compression garments and post-surgical bras.

Please contact Eva with any questions you may have. 

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Who is Recova Post Surgery?

RECOVA® Post-Surgery RECOVA® Post-Surgery is a UK-based supplier of the highest quality compression garments post-surgery bras and slimming garments. Our garments are made in Spain using lab-tested medical-grade fabrics with a high percentage of LYCRA® for firm and even compression, and [...] Read Full Answer

What is the difference between a post-surgery compression garment and shaper wear or sports compression? Answer by Eva Sanchez from Recova Post Surgery

Specialised post-surgery garments differ from sports compression or slimming wear because they provide stronger and more durable compression and are designed to be worn continuously for up to three months. They are also designed to minimise irritation against the skin, with flat seams, wide shoulder [...] Read Full Answer

Patient's guide to the ideal post-surgery compression garment (Published on The Ultimate Beaty Guide- MyFaceMyBody)

Patient’s guide to the ideal post surgery garment- The Road to Recovery Making the decision to have cosmetic surgery can be daunting, but it also opens the door to an exciting prospect: the opportunity to make a physical change and discover a new you. But before you get there, it’s impo [...] Read Full Article

A Journey of Smiles by Eva Sanchez- Recova Post Surgery

   Medical Aid in India: A Journey of Smiles By Eva Sanchez, Recova Post-Surgery- Body Languaje Medical Journal June 2014 Newsletter   I had always imagined my first trip to India involving visits to temples, elephant trekking through the jungle or sunning myself on the beach in G [...] Read Full Article

Do I need to wear a compression garment after cosmetic surgery such as liposuction?

Yes, the main purpose of wearing post surgery compression garments is to alleviate some of the more common post-operative complications resulting from trauma to subcutaneous layers of the skin, particularly bruising and oedema. External pressure provided by an appropriately-fitted garment mitigates [...] Read Full Answer

What’s the difference between 1st and 2nd Stage compression garments?

The terms ‘first stage’ and ‘second stage’ for compression garments relate to the phase of recovery that they are worn. First stage garments have stronger compression and some are double-reinforced for extra support in the initial phase of post-operative recovery. They also h [...] Read Full Answer

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