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What's a Y-Lift?

It is a face sculputing procedure, often performed with dermal fillers achieving a Y look i.e. enhanced cheeks and skin lifting in a lower face.  [...] Read Full Answer

I have had a tattoo for nearly 10 years that I now hate, I'm looking for the best laser to remove it?

Thank you for your question.  You should book a consultation with the expert in the tattoo removal. Majority tattoos are removed with special lasers. However, only the expert will advise the most appropriate treatment depending on your skin and tattoo.  [...] Read Full Answer

I have pigmentation on my cheeks is there any treatment for this?

The best way forward to use a melanocites stabilising skin care products i.e. hydroquinone and vit A with high skin sun protection.  Be careful with chemical peels - they often worsen skin hyperpigmentation in a long run. [...] Read Full Answer

Is it ok to get fractora of the face if you have melasma?

Yes, you certainly could try. Fractora is a treatment based on RF. It claims being effective for wrinkles, skin texture, pigment irregularities, blood vessels and redness. From my expereince, Fractora is not very effective for melasma on it's own. Rederm clinical team [...] Read Full Answer

what is botox? is it right for me?

Botulinum Toxin A is the Botox licensenced for medical aesthetic procedures in UK. It is derived from bacteria similar like Penicillin.  Botulinum Toxin injected in forehead or glabellar lines will temporary stop your muscle moving.  Medical aesthetic doctor should assess your face and a [...] Read Full Answer

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