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Parkway House
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M22 4DB

Surgicare Medical Group are specialists in Cosmetic and Weight Loss Surgery and Non Surgical Treatments.

We pride ourselves on working with an elite team of GMC registered surgeons and highly experience Doctors and Clinicians within the industry. Surgicare Medical Group carry a large stock of skincare treatments, for example Obagi, Heliocare, Skinceuticals and Glo, some of which are only available via practitioners.

We offer affordable surgery with the security of full post operative support and great aftercare. Surgicare Medical Group are leading the cosmetic industry with the option of daycase surgery using the revolutionary deep sedation technique, all of which is carried out at our our state of the art facility in London. We also offer surgery within the UK's largest purpose built cosmetic and bariatric facility in Bromsgrove in the Midlands, with the option of door to door transport if required.

Free of charge no obligation consultations are offered throughout the UK at a clinic near you.

Questions & Answers

I have really bad cellulite, I have tried everything but nothing seems to work, can you help?


Surgicare Medical Group offer Dermaroller treatment.The use of a professional titanium dermaroller creates thousands of tiny pin-pricks into the dermis where specialist skincare products can penetrate deeply.  This encourages the production of new collagen and elastin, so that the skin regenerates itself from within. After the treatment, skin will gradually look fresher and healthier as the treatment takes effect and the benefits will last.

The Dermaroller is effective on a wide variety of skin conditions.  It can be used on the face AND on the body, as a variety of sizes of needle enable the professional to choose the most appropriate one for the area being treated.  Skin conditions that respond well to needling include:

    • wrinkles / lines / crow’s feet
    • scars / acne scars
    • broken capillaries
    • Hyperpigmentation / uneven pigmentation
    • Cellulite
    • Stretch marks

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