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What is the best concealer for dark circles?

Under eye circles effect almost everyone and I come across it everyday as a make-up artist. There are a number of causes for dark circles, diet, genetics, your facial structure and of course age and tiredness. 

Dark circles can be hard to hide as they tend to be a blueish colour and normal concealer sometimes does not cover them up well enough. In fact concealers can sometimes make them look grey. A great tip to disguising the dark circle is to use a colour corrector before you apply your concealer. Bobbi Brown do a great selection of colour corrector creams - they look a lot like concealers. Usually, for normal caucasian skin you need a peachy tone. The peachy colour negates the blue dark circle shade and eliminates it. Put a really small amount of this on the dark circle and blend int. Then use a highlighter pen, such as a classic Touche Eclat over the top as a light reflector, again, use a very small amount and blend this in. Works wonders!

Experiment a little but this is the best way to conceal dark circles. 

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