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The English translation of Parfaire is return to perfection and we are committed in helping people findtheir perfect answer and the increased confidence they desire.  Parfaire Aesthetic Clinic offers expert treatments to rejuvenate and renew  your skin to improve a wide range of skin conditions including the signs of ageing.

Expert Advice

We have created an environment that will make you feel relaxed and at ease to talk to our highly qualified staff in total confidence about your concerns.  In our consultation we tailor treatment plans to suit your specific needs and budget and answer any questions you may have.  All consultations are free.

Visible Results

We pride ourselves in total commitment to the quality of treatments offered and aim for total client satisfaction.  This is acheived by using only the leading equipment available, by using advanced skin treatments and skin care products that are clinically proven to deliver results.  We aim to make effective skin care easy and accessible.

Activity Feed

I have just booked a dream holiday but need help achieving the dream body to match! Can I improve the appearance of the cellulite on my thighs without resorting to surgery?

A combination of dermaroller and laser rejuvenation clinic treatments and an at home skincare product such as Dermaquest's dermafirm can help but you would need a course so would have to start a few months before your holiday.  Hope this helps and enjoy your holiday :) [...] Read Full Answer

I want my eyelids to be symmetrical and appear less hooded but I\'m not sure what procedure would be most effective? Would it have to be surgical?

Sometimes surgery is the best option but there are plenty of non surgical treatments out there that you may wish to try first.  you can have Botox in your forehead to lift the brows or alternatively there is a machine called the etwo, it has offers sublative rejuvenation and as it uses Bi polar [...] Read Full Answer

Procedure for semi permanent make up

Semi Permanent makeup can be carried out on your eyebrows and we offer powder brows and natural hair stroke brows or even a combination of them both.  On your upper and lower lashes, even as an eyeliner or as lash enhancement where pigment just goes through the lashes.  Finally it can be c [...] Read Full Answer

How do I get a good eyebrow shape?

We recommend booking our HD Brows by Mii treatment we use special measurements to creat the perfect shape.  After we offer maintenance treatments every 4-6 weeks to keep them in this perfect shape.  Other options maybe semi permanent make up? [...] Read Full Answer

what is best foundation for combination fare skin

We recommend Oxygenetix foundations.  It comes in 10 shades. its aloe vera based, and has a peptide call cerevita in it that creates an oxygen store.  The aloe vera helps calm skin and maintain healthy moisture levels and the oxygen alows skin to breath to combat oily skin. [...] Read Full Answer

How can I eliminate sun spots?

For sun spots we recommend medical laser treatment.  1- 4 sessions maybe required a minimium of 4 weeks apart [...] Read Full Answer

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