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Our business is founded on the premise of bringing anti-aging skincare and allied products from around the Globe to the UK and Irish markets, supported in most cases by credible science; primarily stocked in Dermatologist, Plastic Surgeons and Aesthetic Clinics in the USA. These skin care lines have evolved as a consequence of skin cancer research and healing of skin after laser-resurfacing. These products are designed to prevent further sun damage and repair prematurely photo-aged skin (lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation).

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Why Vitamin C and why Aspect Dr C?

Vitamin C is the skin's primary antioxidant.  It prevents free radical damage, has been shown (if in the right formulation) to stimulate collagen and is anti-inflammatory.  Be wary of what form of Vitamin C you purchase as not all of them are the same.  L-Ascorbic is the most potent f [...] Read Full Answer

How do you combat the challenges faced by Doctors who are new to skin care?

Training is the key. We offer comprehensive training courses over three days covering all aspects of science including How do we age?  What can we do about it?  What key ingredients can help to combat ageing (scientifically proven) and then, within the range in question, each specific prod [...] Read Full Answer

Are these rays in TV studio lighting ?? Do we need to have SPF in makeup

Only if they use special light.   Normal light normally covers the visible spectrum (400 to 800nm).   But to get special effect (as they do in a nightclub) they can use UV light or black light, so it depends     [...] Read Full Answer

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