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Does tattoo removal cream work?


Tattoos can only be removed by a Trained Laser Practicioner on a Q-Switch Laser, the proceedure is not 100% effective with some tattoo laser systems on the market and you would have to check with the Clinic or equipment manufacture in the first instance as the colours 'Yellow & Green' are not always successfully removable due to the colour (pigment)

Q-S Nd:YAG Handpiece 1064/532 nm

Eyebrow line removal, tattoo removal, speckle removal, lip line removal,

titian nevus removal:

•1064nm wavelength for dark blue and black tattoos: it can get rid of eye

line, eyebrow line, lip line, tattoo, speckle (black, blue, etc.)

•532nm wavelength for red tattoos: it can get rid of eyebrow line, eye line,

lip line, tattoo, speckle, titian nevus (red, brown, etc.)

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