GVAS 2019 will take place across three regions worldwide each within their own timezone from 8AM to 8PM.
When you attend GVAS you may choose the timezone and language that best suits your needs within the Auditorium.

Begin to plan your itinerary below by reviewing the program overview and clicking through each track for more information on the speakers and session topics.

  1. Step One – You will select your time zone so you can listen to workshops during normal working hours at your convenience. All workshop sessions have a start and finish time.
  2. Step Two – Choose your language. There will be four clinical tracks and one business track in English. There will be smaller programs and tracks in Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish.
  3. Step Three – Choose your content. The program content is color coded based on an individuals experience and qualification.
    • There will be content specifically targeted at those that are starting in aesthetics and interested in clinical fundamentals and essentials as well as business startup tips.
    • ‘Hands on with the Masters’ will be delivered by some of the world leaders in aesthetics, revealing their advanced techniques and unique ways in how they analyze and treat their patients.

  1. If you miss a workshop you can watch it in a different time zone or gain 500 points within the exhibition halls and gain 30 days access post event.
  2. All of the Live Q&A will be conducted in the ‘Networking Lounge’. Each workshop session e.g Regenerative Aesthetics will have a dedicated chat room in the lounge where you can ask and answer questions and engage with your peers over 48 hours.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to join your peers in the future of aesthetic conferencing and education.



U.K. / Europe


Australia / Asia


Click through each track below for more information
on the speakers and session topics

To ensure you optimize your learning experience we have categorized each session and workshop according to the Essentials and Masters:

The Essentials 

No previous aesthetic experience required.

You have completed foundation course(s) in injectables and are looking to develop your skills.

Everything you need to know 

These sessions are aimed at those practitioners who are either thinking of starting in aesthetics or practitioners who are early on in their practice. Often conference sessions can be unhelpful to less experienced practitioners as they see a wide variety of individual approaches and end up with more questions than answers!

These sessions focus on live injections which moves “slow motion” through treatment of common facial areas treated with injectables, taking attendees on a learning journey.

The experts will provide you with the relevant knowledge and practical skills to safely and competently perform the following procedures independently – these sessions will include:

  1. Essential Facial analysis – training your aesthetic eye
  2. The use of Botulinum Toxin to treat glabellar, frontalis and crow’s feet
  3. The use of Botulinum Toxin to create a brow lift
  4. Botulinum toxins common problems of upper face treatment – how to solve them, how to prevent them
  5. The use of Dermal Fillers to treat nasolabial lines, smile lines, fine lines
  6. The use of Dermal Fillers to treat the Mid-Face – cheeks and beyond
  7. The use of Dermal Fillers to treat the Lips – Multiple approaches for optimum outcomes
  8. Combination Treatment – The lower face complex – how the chin, jowls, marionette lines work together
  9. Strategies for keeping it natural

Our core objectives for the ‘Essentials’ workshops are to also give our attendees an in-depth understanding of facial anatomy, how treatments work and how they should be administered safely whilst avoiding complications.

The aim is for you to leave feeling confident and have the necessary tools to tackle the next phase of your medical aesthetics journey.

Session One

Facial analysis – Every face is unique!

Understanding your clientele’s specific needs and how to recommend the appropriate treatment is essential to get right.  This session will give you a detailed analysis of different profiles of individuals you might consult and treat taking into consideration age, sex and ethnicity.

Session Two

The Science and what it means for my practice

This session looks at the key principles and questions of product that we often have at the beginning of practice even when we have already completed a training program What makes good fillers? How do we decide what filler to use where?  Why would I use a bio stimulating filler instead of Hyaluronic acid?

Session Three

The techniques – confidence building and step wise approaches explained

Interactive demos – Injection techniques – top tips for effective use of needle and cannula.

Each practitioner is unique, and like an artist, will develop an individual set of injection methods and approaches based on what they are comfortable with and an understanding of relative safety.

This session aims to create a clear and systematic analysis of the pros and cons of using needle and cannula, in all tissue layers, a systematic analysis of relative risk, and tips and tricks of how to use your chosen to create the best outcome.

The Masters

You have experience in the industry and are competent with the basic injection techniques looking to enhance your skill set.

You have been practicing at an advanced level for some time and feel established as an aesthetic practitioner.

Take your skills to the next level

GVAS is excited to offer Masterclasses for those of you who wish to take your injection techniques and knowledge to the next level!

“The masters” is a unique opportunity to watch and learn from some of the world’s top live injectors in depth and close up.  They will demonstrate and explain their approaches and techniques for specific regions across the face and neck.

Learn advanced facial contouring from these Masters, as they share their expert knowledge on facial anatomy, injection techniques with needle and cannula treating complex areas such as tear troughs, jaw and chin or non-surgical rhinoplasty.  You will be given practical training from our experts, as well as building on your facial assessment.

These masters will reveal their secrets and the “how to’s“ of why they shape their decisions to treat and sculpt in ways that not only allow them to  achieve outstanding aesthetic outcomes but be recognized as global leaders within aesthetics.  They will also cover the artistic, anatomical, and optimization of safety.

Each expert will guide us through their thought process, what they see, feel and think to ensure the safest and best aesthetic outcomes

Master Approaches

Upper face and temples

The upper face presents many aesthetic and anatomical challenges – this session focuses on four injection Masters who have developed distinct and unique approaches to forehead and temple treatments.

Part 1. Anatomical challenges

Part 2. Upper Facer Masters 

Master Approaches

Mid face and periorbital

This complex anatomical unit requires detailed understanding of the relationships between the periorbital region including tear trough, and the surrounding mid face, Natural confluent results which do not become puffy or over done over time remain a challenge.  Four global experts demonstrate and share their techniques and insights.

Part 1.  Anatomical challenges

Part 2.  Midface and Periorbital challenges

Master Approaches

Direct and indirect approaches to the lower face and Neck

A defined lower face and Jaw line is the very essence of youthful aesthetics and graceful aging. Debate among experts as to optimal approaches to refine this area are still very present.  The complex anatomical unit requires detailed understanding of the relationships between the periorbital region including tear trough, and the surrounding mid face.  Achieving natural confluent results which do not become puffy or over done remains challenging.

Part 1. Anatomical challenges

Part 2. Defining lower face challenges

Master Approaches

Beyond the face – Advanced techniques for the Hands


Watch live demonstrations and talks on the latest, new and emerging technological devices and innovative, ground breaking techniques from our global technology and product innovation experts.

Major sponsored talks include:

Merz Institute of Advanced Aesthetics
Wigmore Medical
BTL Aesthetics
Venus Concept
Advanced Skin Technologies
Mondeal Aesthetics
Skinbetter Science
AE Labs / Cosmofrance


The global aesthetic market is a multi-billion dollar industry, growing at a rapid rate. How do you get off to the best start? How can you maximize your chances of a successful launch?

Our launch sessions will give you all of the knowledge you need to get your enterprise off the ground.


You’ve been in business for a little while and want to take it to the next level. It’s time for you to maximize on your amazing first year and learn the productivity hacks to get you working smarter.

Our accelerator sessions will give you all the short, sharp solutions you need for a great boost to your business.


You have a very successful growing enterprise, but now is a dangerous time. Scaling too fast can damage your brand and destroy all of your hard work.

Our scale and grow sessions will give you all of the insight you need to plan the next phase in your business lifecycle.


Congratulations, you’ve decided that it’s time to tap out at the top of your game. But how do you sell? What is the best exit strategy?

Our exit sessions will give you all of the insight you need to plan the exit phase and maximize your return on investment.

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