Fall Summit 2020 Program



U.K. / Europe


Australia / Asia


The GVAS Summit 2020 will take place across three regions worldwide each within their own timezone from 8AM to 8PM.

For our main programs in the Auditorium, you may choose the timezone – CST, GMT, or AEST – that best suits your needs. If you miss a session, you may be able to catch it in another timezone or visit our Leaderboard room for more insights on how to gain 30-day access following the live event. 

Plan your itinerary early by reviewing the programs above and clicking through each track for more information on the speakers and session topics available. 

  1. Step One – Once in the Auditorium, choose your Time Zone – CST, GMT, or AEST – so you can listen to workshops during normal working hours at your convenience. All workshop sessions have a start and finish time.
  2. Step Two – Choose your Language. There will be multiple clinical tracks and one business track in English in the Main Auditorium. There are also smaller local programs in the International Program room for China (in mandarin), Brazil (in Portuguese), and South Africa (in English).
  3. Step Three – Choose your Content. The program tracks content are broken down into:
    • Track 1: Clinical Face
    • Track 2: Clinical Body
    • Track 3: Clinical Hair
    • Track 4: Clinical Anatomy
    • Track 5: Roadmap to Business Succes

  1. If you miss a workshop you can watch it in a different time zone or gain 2,000 points during the event and gain 30 days of access post-event.
  2. All of the Live Q&A will be conducted in the ‘Chat Lounge’. Each session from the Auditorium will have a dedicated chat room in the lounge where you can ask and answer questions and engage with your peers over 48 hours.

Do Not Miss This Unique Opportunity To Join Your Peers In The Future Of Aesthetic Conferencing And Education.

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