Award Entry

Our Entry for the MyFaceMyBody Awards

Bramis Facial Rejuvination Clinic

220b Nicholson Road, Subiaco

Our Entry for the Award:
Practice team of the Year

Please tell us why you feel your team is so special and deserves to win the title of Practice Team of the Year

The Bramis team is incredibly unique. We don’t call each other colleagues – we call it a family. Bramis is a family owned and operated business – therefore, each of our staff members have become an extension of that.

Not only do we work together, but we have all become such a tight, close-knit family that we often spend time after work and on weekends together. In fact – some of our nurses have travelled to the other side of the world to stay overseas with our Director – Dr. Mela Brankov.

Dr. Mela not only opens her doors to us all – but makes each of us feel like a part of the family especially at Christmas time. To celebrate the years’ success, we have had the privilege of some incredible Christmas parties over the years – including flights and accommodation in Bali, overnight stays at the 5 Star Crown Casino, trips to Rottnest Island and much more. It’s not done to show off or be pompous – Dr. Mela simply makes one thing clear to us all – and that is that she appreciates the hard work and dedication we put in every single day.

We believe this is why our team ethos is so strong. Not only do we have a huge respect and admiration for our director, but the feeling is mutual. The entire team works hard and plays hard – and clients notice this too. Our supporting evidence shows review after review where clients have seen for themselves the fluidity and team spirit that we have at Bramis.

Aside from this mentality, we also place a huge amount of emphasis on dermal and injectable cross over. Our therapists are thoroughly trained in the benefits of cosmetic injections and vice versa. The outcome is that clients are seen to as a whole approach as the two fields of work directly complement each other.

The team shares a Facebook group as well, in which both past and present staff keep up to date on many life events - including births, proposals and sharing family recipes. Even after staff have moved on to new roles (which is a rareity in itself) they are still a part of our family and can rely on our support and help in succeeding their future goals.