Award Entry

Our Entry for the MyFaceMyBody Awards

Bramis Facial Rejuvination Clinic

220b Nicholson Road, Subiaco

Our Entry for the Award:
Medical Aesthetic Practitioner of the Year

Please tell us why you think you deserve to win the title of Medical Aesthetic Prcatitioner of the Year

We are submitting this award on behalf of Dr Mela Brankov. She is unaware that we are nominating her, and we'd like to keep it a secret from her. As a selfless, hard working and driven doctor and director of Bramis Facial Rejuvenation Clinics - she would never do anything like this for herself. She doesn't like being put in the spotlight, and would be embarassed to know we're tooting her horn, so to speak! Due to this, we haven't been able to get examples of her work, as she would be onto us! If you need anything further, please let us know. 

Doctor Mela Brankov was formally trained as an Ophthalmologist at the University of Sarajevo in Bosnia. She worked as an eye specialist and surgeon, until moving to Australia in 1994. Due to a bloody civil war causing unrest in her motherland, she came to this country as a refugee - with little more than a suitcase in tow, with her two daughters and husband.

She worked hard to firstly learn to speak English, then re-train a specialist in her new home, and after a decade of long, hard study and sacrifice, she passed all the relevant examintaionst to practice as a doctor in Australia.

In the meantime, she worked in women's health - specifically helping refugee women with their sexual health. She also sold the beauty line Nutrimetics, door to door - as her passion for skin care and service was something she had from a very young age. She was then involved with the Lion’s Eye Institute – conducting research on eye disorders and being involved in several published medical journals. Her research has been crucial in the development of life-changing procedures to restore eyesight. 

She turned her hand at cosmetic injecting in 2008 – starting as an assistant. Before long, her incredible skill set became recognised and she opened her first injectable clinic in Subiaco, WA in 2010. Bramis Facial Rejuvenation Clinic became a go-to for West Australians, who had quickly heard about Dr Mela’s skills, passion and impeccable customer service. Her passion was clear - she wanted to make beauty affordable to everyone, and to make sure customer service was at the forefront of the business ethos. 

She has since opened a second clinic in Inglewood, WA and this year, a third in Currambine. She has 20 staff - inlcuding a management team, admin professionals, dermal therpists, nurses and doctors. She is now also a member of the Allergan Medical Faculty – and an Allergan trainer for Western Australia.

As her businesses have grown - so have her profits. But, instead of simply basking in the reward - she has stuck to her vision of making beauty affordable. Every time a company such as Allergan passes on a cost cut to her for ordering more stock - she passes that saving on to her clients. Whenever people are baffled by it - she rolls her eyes and always says "you never know what life will throw at you next, so always give what you can of yourself to help those around you". 

We believe she deserves to win this award not only because of her impeccable skill in the cosmetic medicine field - but because she has shown resilience, strength, determination and har-work throughout her entire life. What she has achieved in 25 years in Australia, some don't manage to do in a lifetime. 

She has succeeded in a field that she ultimately adores - but this isn't all. She is a woman that we all look up to, and hope to one day even have a quarter of her determination and strength.