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7 months and a half I had laser for hair removal on the upper and lower lip and for a couple on the chin(I had had several times in the past at a different dermatologist not in my town though) and they burnt me.II have lost the lipline definition on the upper lip,both the red colour of the lips (upper and lower lip).Plus I have pinholes on the chin and on the upper lip.The dermatologist did not perform that session but his assistant.The laser that was used was Alxandrite but it seems to be of a different make than the one my other dermatologist was using.What can I do (I have consalted different dermatologists but noone has really helped me).

Sorry to hear that you have been suffring with such an awful reaction!

   We are currently making a TV show that aims to correct Botched beauty treatments. We want to help put it right for Free! We work with a Skin Doctor to the stars Sam Bunting. 

I would like to know more about your experience -  I have more details on my profile, but please feel free to get in touch. My email is [email protected] / 0121 224 8464.

Best wishes,


Assistant Producer

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