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I would like to know who carryes out th ebotox injection, which is his/her qualification.

Unfortunately, the aesthetics industry has very little regulation in force. You should only allow yourself to be treated by a UK registered doctor or nurse prescriber. Both doctors and nurses are regulated by the GMC or NMC, respectively, and therefore have an onus upon themselves to follow a code of practice etc etc. These regulatory bodies exist primarily for the protection of patients. Any other practitioner/person, should not be injecting anyone and certainly will NOT have any regulatory body asking questions if they are doing things they should not be. All this said, you should not be reassured purely because you are seeing a doctor or nurse prescriber. Here's a brief but not necessarily comprehensive checklist: 1. Are they actually registered - you can check with GMC or NMC if in any doubt. 2. Where are they actually based - I have seen a number of patients with complications (although rare from BTX-A) from aesthetic treatments administered by mobile nurses (there are many good ones and they could easily have been doctors!) and have been offered no opportunity for a follow up appointment when they have called to report a concern. It has been hard for me to obtain information on the product used as well, in some instances. Ideally, visit a clinic with permanent practitioners who can see you at short notice following your initial treatment, if required. 3. What is their level of experience? 4. Check out testimonials/facebook reviews 5. There is nothing like a recommendation from a friend - ask around if you dare! 5. Decide after your consultation - this should not just be about BTX-A! They should be covering general advice on the ageing process, skincare, your face as a whole etc etc. If you decide to go ahead, a consent form outlining all necessary information about the treatment should be presented to you for signing. 

A body of doctors/nurses in the field are campaigning for regulation to come into force for the industry, following the Keogh report. This will hopefully send the "cowboys" packing but I think that is a long time coming! Good luck with finding someone suitable near you. Dr Dev (Devang)Patel, Perfect Skin Solutions.

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