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How do I lighten the skin on my upper lip? I have a shadow and no concealer covers it. It looks like I have a moustache and it is now really affecting my self esteem.

I'm sorry to hear about your skin concern. This is quite a common problem presenting to our clinic and purely from your description, I would say that the most likely diagnosis is melasma. This is hyperpigmentation believed to be hormonally driven. Female clients will often report the appearance presented around the time of a pregnancy. The pill can be a factor. Other causes include previous inflammation eg dermatitis. 

I generally treat my clients with a skin lightening topical preparation, prior to a targeted peel treatment. Patient satisfaction is high. An alternative (or precursor to a peel course), is a prescription topical treatment eg hydroquinone/isotretinoin/hydrocortisone combination. Please note: This must only be used under specialist guidance and for a maximum of 12 weeks or so. Never buy any over-the counter or internet-sourced skin lightening creams. I hope this helps. Dr Dev Patel

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