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The Perfect Smile Studios has unrivalled reputation for cosmetic dentistry and is driven to provide beautiful natural bespoke smiles.
The practice has been widely featured in the national media including BBC, ITV, The Times, Daily Mail, The Guardian, Evening Standard, Marie Claire, Tatler and International and National dental press
Dr Rahul Doshi BDS (Lond.) LDSRCS (Eng.) is the Clinical Director and founder of The Perfect Smile Studios and The Advanced Training Institute, where he teaches Interdisciplinary Comprehensive Cosmetic Dentistry.
His biography includes the following:- He has lectured in USA, UAE, Italy, India, Germany, Sweden and South Africa - Judge for the prestigious Private Dentistry Awards.- Clinical Director of the monthly dental publication of Premium Practice Dentistry - He is on the Board of Directors for the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentists - He is the Clinical Director for British Institute of Lasers in Dentistry

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How to create the perfect smile makeover?

At The Perfect Smile Studios, we like to personalize your treatment plans to create options that are viable and suitable for your specific situation. Dr. Doshi is our principal dentist and he can do an extensive detailed examination to understand your specific case and how best to advise you based u [...] Read Full Answer

Three Tips To Ease Pain From Sensitive Teeth

October 17, 2013 Many of us feel a shooting pain in the teeth when drinking ice cold water or biting into hot foods. There are many reasons for tooth sensitivity, and the bad news is that each one can potentially lead to damage that would require serious dental procedures. The good news, however, is [...] Read Full Article

What Is The Link Between Gum Disease And Diabetes?

What Is The Link Between Gum Disease And Diabetes? October 3, 2013 Each year, more people are getting diagnosed with diabetes as a result of rising obesity rates and inactive lifestyles. Doctors have been warning patients about a number of health issues associated with the condition, including the [...] Read Full Article

Tips For Maintaining White Teeth

October 10, 2013 When it comes to wanting a healthy smile, many people opt for teeth whitening treatments. However, before making the appointment with your dentist, you should first consider things you can do to maintain a white smile without having to undergo any procedures. Brushing and flossing [...] Read Full Article

Nanodiamonds In Teeth Could Help Patients With Osteonecrosis

October 8, 2013 These days, it is not uncommon to see pictures of celebrities with precious metals encrusted over their teeth as part of the next fashion trend. However, it seems that over the next few years, ordinary people may take advantage of this too; not because they want to be fashionable, b [...] Read Full Article

High Cholesterol Treatment Can Reduce Gum Inflammation

October 15, 2013 Drugs prescribed to patients with high cholesterol levels may keep gums healthy as well as the heart, according to a study recently published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. According to the research leader Dr Ahmed Tawakol from Harvard Medical School, the side [...] Read Full Article

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